Robotic Spy Planes Go Green
Now scientists are developing a robot plane that runs off alternative energy. The hydrogen fuel cell that powers the “Ion Tiger” UAV make it travel farther and carrier heavier payloads than battery-powered designs, yet are still more stealthy than internal combustion engine designs with its reduced noise, heat and emissions.

Congress Cyber Report Tilts At China
I’d be interested to know what definition of ‘attack’ is being used across DoD. Reason being that it wasn’t so long ago that DoD were claiming millions of daily ‘probes’ and ’scans’, which were often referred to as ‘attacks’.

Boycott Microsoft Bing
Western corporations have often behaved embarrassingly in China, sacrificing any principles to ingratiate themselves with the Communist Party authorities. Yahoo was the worst, handing over information about several email account holders so that they could be arrested – and then dissembling and defending its monstrous conduct. Now Microsoft is sacrificing the integrity of Bing searches so as to cozy up to State Security in Beijing. In effect, it has chosen become part of the Communist Party’s propaganda apparatus.

Bing: Committed to Comprehensive Results
We appreciate the dialog that Mr. Kristof has kicked off. Community feedback and input is incredibly important to Bing – it helps us do better and sometimes alerts us to things we can take immediate action to fix as we continue to improve.

Karzai ‘would fall in weeks’ if Nato pulls out
In an interview with the Guardian at the end of a visit to Kabul for the presidential inauguration of Hamid Karzai, the foreign secretary said: “If international forces leave, you can choose a time – five minutes, 24 hours or seven days – but the insurgent forces will overrun those forces that are prepared to put up resistance and we would be back to square one.”

Moscow’s Leash
Many analysts think that Gazprom’s “grip” on Europe has loosened. The company has been battered by the economic crisis, while the Continent is now coping with a glut of natural gas rather than scrambling for resources. But this is a cyclical crisis, not a structural one. Europe still needs gas, and Gazprom still wants to sell it. And although the times have changed, Europe’s energy challenges have not gone away.

The Al Qaeda Diaries
As the Pakistani soldiers moved into South Waziristan, they found something almost as valuable as al Qaeda itself: the diaries and books that explain how militant ideology binds the diffuse world of terrorism together.

Microsoft Denies Windows 7 Has NSA Backdoor
“Microsoft has not and will not put ‘backdoors’ into Windows,” a company spokeswoman said to Computerworld. “The work being discussed here is purely in conjunction with our Security Compliance Management Toolkit.”

China can destroy most US GPS satellites
China’s Anti-Satellite (ASAT) has the capability of destroying 23 US’ 31 functional GPS satellites, said Dr Geoffery Forden, principal research scientist in MIT’s Programme on Science, Technology and Society, USA.

Former U.S. official, wife admit to 30 years of spying for Cuba
Walter K. Myers, 72, pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit espionage and wire fraud. His wife, Gwendolyn Steingraber Myers, 71, pleaded guilty to conspiring to gather and transmit national defense information.

CIA, Pakistan agree on intelligence cooperation
In a meeting between Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and CIA Chief Leon Panetta, the two sides have agreed to expand military and intelligence cooperation.

ABC’s Flawed CIA ‘Black Site’ Report
Yesterday, ABC News tried — and largely failed — to put a dent in the news cycle by breathlessly reporting a four-year-old scoop about secret CIA facilities in Eastern Europe. In short: After 9/11, the CIA converted an old Lithuanian horseback-riding academy into a so-called “black site” prison where high-value terrorists were detained and interrogated.

Lithuania to look again at CIA links
Twice in the past three years, the Lithuanian Parliament investigated reports that the CIA secretly imprisoned al-Qaida leaders in this Baltic country. Both times, legislators concluded that there was no evidence.

How to Break and Open Source Insurgency
It’s long been my contention that Iraq was stabilized at an acceptable level of controlled chaos due to a happy accident by al Qaeda (in an attempt to expand/lead the loose insurgency in a new direction). What did they do? They blew up the Golden Mosque in Samara in 2006.

TV ad seeks to recruit Arab-Americans to CIA
The commercial, which the agency plans to debut on mainstream and ethnic TV stations and Web sites nationwide within the next few months, represents artistic and technological leaps for the agency. Until now, its print, broadcast and Web advertising has focused on the variety of career options and the diversity among its ranks, but the agency hasn’t used a storytelling approach to sell its message.

Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 3-40: Security and Stabilisation: The Military Contribution
JDP 3-40 identifies the general priorities for stabilising failed or failing states, and determines the nature, level, principles and priorities that govern the UK military contribution and the guidelines governing transition to civilian and host nation control.

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