The call for submissions

Are you participating in a “Tea Party” rally in your hometown . . . or, do you have plans to attend a counter-rally? Will you brave the lines at your local post office or do you plan to hit the send-button for e-filing just before midnight? What are your views as this year’s tax deadline arrives: do you think taxes are a burden to pay, or the patriotic duty of every citizen?

Share your personal experiences of Tax Day 2009 on video with C-SPAN. It’s simple:

1. Upload your video to your favorite video sharing web site (YouTube is preferred, but we also support Viddler, Vimeo, Qik, Facebook and several others).

2. Revisit this page after 12 noon ET on Tax Day (Wednesday, April 15th) and send us the link to your video.

Videos don’t need to be dazzling Hollywood productions. We want your authentic, creative voice – a video that demonstrates your views and personal experiences on Tax Day 2009. Some of the videos submitted may be shown on the networks of C-SPAN on cable.

Michelle Malkin has an excellent rundown on the movement and your options for independent coverage of the events.


  1. MAS1916

    Citizen journalists actually made a real difference in Chicago. A lunatic leftist CNN reporter tried to confront a Tea Party participant with the usual dung about receiving funding from the Stimulus. The ensuing discussion between the reporter and another participant was extremely enlightening. The participant – an average mom – just lit up the CNN reporter. When this film got out, CNN was even more embarrassed.

    Keep those camera’s rolling!

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