I thought Iraqis were a bit more restrained than this. This is the sort of behavior you’d expect from Keith Olbermann or Helen Thomas.

Bush was, as usual, cool under fire:

Zaidi yelled “Dog, dog!” as he was surrounded by Iraqi security officers, who tackled him and began to beat him. Zaidi was later removed from the ornate room in the heavily fortified Green Zone where the news conference was taking place.

Bush was not injured and joked about the incident minutes later: “If you want the facts, it’s a size 10 shoe that he threw. Thank you for your concern; do not worry about it.”

Zaidi, colleagues said, was kidnapped by Shiite militiamen last year and was later released.

Zaidi would do well to consider this point, made on Twitter, by Cameron Kaiser:

btw, to those snickering over Bush+shoes, remember throwing shoes at Saddam would’ve meant death, and that would’ve been lenient.


  1. San

    All those saying that US has helped iraq by saving it from the dictator then please thank you for your cooperation but every country knows how to run the system. US president is not the world’s Godfather that he gets to decide what needs to be done for any nation. We all know very well how to live our life, good or bad, let it be our choice. so THANK YOU!

  2. John Ryan

    He reportedly has one broken arm and also 2 broken ribs besides facial marks. But yeah I guess that is better thann under Saddam. The question is: is it 1 trillion US taxpayers dollars and 4000+ dead US soldiers and 20,000+ permanently disabled soldiers better ? I say NO

  3. Joshua W. Johnson

    Wow. The idea that, at this late date, anyone could support the failed policies of the Bush admin. shows a complete lack of critical thinking.

    I’m not a liberal, I’m not a conservative. I am an American who, like so many others, can see the time since 9/11 for whas it’s been. A failure. A failure of intelligence, a failure of diplomacy, a failure of military strategy and post-war planning.

    A war that this administration said wouldn’t cost the American people a dime… has cost us more in blood and treasure than any country should be expected to spend for another’s FREEDOM.

    FREEDOM for the Iraqi people is NOT the reason we started a war in Iraq. We started a war in Iraq because we, and the rest of the world, were told by this administration that we would have a MUSHROOM CLOUD over one of our MAJOR CITIES if we didn’t.

    Now, we are supposed to justify the incredible sacrifice and loss of life by our young men and women by saying that the Iraqi people are now free.


    As an American, one should be willing to lay down one’s life for the freedom of one’s own country and it’s people. Not the freedom of another’s. That’s their job.

    “I died so that an Iraqi could be free to throw a shoe at W?”


    As LBJ said, “I don’t know why we’re sending American boys halfway around the world to do a job that Asian boys should be doing for themselves.”


  4. JC

    For all of those who believe in the “trite” systems of law and oder, that we were all taught to believe in, by our high school gov./history teachers; the ones in fact created by this country (UN, World Courts, Geneva Conventions) don’t be surprised when you see the Geroge.W, and his posse of war criminals (Rice,Cheney, Powel, Rumsfeld) hanging from the end of a ropes for the multiple war crimes they committed in the course of creating NAZI style, smoke and mirror propaganda program that played on real fears of Americans the way Hitler played on the fears of the German populace in order to obtian the consent of his nation to invade any other nation for the sake of “PRE-EMPTIVE SELF DEFENSE”, “FREEDOM” AND EVEN THE BIG D WORD “DEMOCRACY”.

    Thats right for all you who slept in History 1301 Germany was a DEMOCRACY, CAPITALISTIC STATE, AND HITLER WAS WIDELY ELECTED BY THE POPULACE. Actually he eliminated his competition….but back to the point.

    Adolf Hitler and his crew saw the divine work or their mission, Saddam had the muslim declaration of faith on his lips before the rope snatched the life from him…Nuremburg can happen again. Nuremburg was the justice that America and UK created for the rest of the world.

    When history and the rest of the world judge the current leaders of pre-emptive invasion, genocide, use of WMDs’on civilian populations and the financing of Narco Terrror thoughout the world… you will see people from the out law state callled America hanging at the end of those ropes of JUSTICE: MADE IN AMERICA.

    Everyone is subject to the law eventually, and just because one is a big bully/ outlaw that can evade justice, doesn’t mean, it will never answer to the law. One day we may be invaded for not turning over “war criminals” and harboring “terrorists” wanted by the world courts of law. It is naive to believe that one will never be called to account.

    We would hope the the individuals are punished and not our population collectively the way the US has arbitrarily anc collectively punished major populations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, El Salvador, Somalia, Hondura, Mexico, Vietnam, Korea, Sudan, and Columbia.

    The blood of those unjustly spilt in Iraq and Afghanistan will testify to the truth, no matter how much AMERICANS MAY DENY THE TRUTH. BODY COUNTS DON’T LIE.


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