It seemed inevitable anyway:

Prime Minister Singh accepted the resignation and immediately named Finance Minister P. Chidambaram to take over the Home Ministry post, according to a source in the prime minster’s office.

Singh will add the Finance Ministry to his responsibilities, the source said.

N. Ram, editor-in-chief of The Hindu — a major Indian newspaper — said Patil’s departure was overdue. “This man has been widely criticized for not being up to it and it was simply impossible that he could stay on after this,” Ram said.

The criticism of Patil was “that he has been very slow, that they haven’t delivered in the promise to improve intelligence.”

With general elections mandated by next May “this government is really fighting for its political life,” he said.

The political impact of this attack, within India, is going to be far-reaching and is unlikely to stop here. It will be interesting to see if this pushes them towards a post-9/11 style reorganization.


  1. Manager Radley

    Hey – I work at McDonalds but still try to keep up with news – and I agree. I never thought of comparing this attack in India to 9/11 here, but that is a great point. I did not know how riveting the attacks were to the country until I talked to my friend from there, who had lived in Mumbai for awhile and actually went to work everyday for 3 years on the subway where the shootings occurred.

    We have just started a website where I am encouraging 11 McDonalds workers at a store, including me, to do our own paper. We have a lot of topics, younger and older people, many different people, but really I am trying to encourage them to just read news, write, and think about things differently. One of our most recent articles put up (this morning) talks about the bombings, and though the guy writing it is very extreme, he means well and is at least trying to have a voice.

    But I would like more people (especially smart people, of all views) to see the website, let me know what they think or even comment on articles if they want, just so we can make it better and more debate hopefully (it has only been up about 10-11 days). The site is

    Keep up the great job on your blog, and if you have time please let us know what you think of our idea or our site. Thank you!

  2. Dan

    Les Agents Provacateur – India must not play into their hands by resuming hostilities with Pakistan. Cool heads and strategic thinking are called for in the wake of this atrocity. Better to increase cooperation between Indian and Pakistani governments in order to bring the perpetrators to justice or destruction. This incident is not unrelated to the larger war on terror. Those who love peace and freedom must not take the bait!

  3. Joe

    Victims aren’t we all…fine when everything is “FINE” humans a like garbage, but when “Disaster” Strikes we all “UNITE” Shea right! It’s the same stupid thing over and over. Now the US will send all this money overseas and give troops and more wars. People take care of your OWN problems and go away. I have my own PERSONAL shit going on without all the fucking crap about people dying on the news flooding my goddamned brain! SO SCREW OFF.

  4. Joe

    You know I am not done yet…I am sooo..sorry all these people died, really I am, but if you want to make this shit go away I mean really go away…deal WITH IT. For the love of GOD you people are always pissing and moaning about how you never get help, WELL I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU….HELP YOUR FUCKING SELVES and quit dragging everybody down with this shit that happens IN YOUR COUNTRY. You don’t thing the US has enough of it own DOMESTIC terrorist here!?!? WEll do you!?? -shakes head- Police your own people, weed out the terrorist and those religions fuckwads and bring LOGIC to your fucking county!!

  5. Athma

    cool off. It is our tax dollars at work. we gave pakistan billions for the war on terror. The money is unaccounted for. It goes to Pakistan army, to ISI, to this terror outfits. Study the history. We gave money to Taliban to fight Russia. Bin Laden was our friend then. We gave money to Saddam to fight Iran. Now you have to know how short sighted immediate gain is haunting us, and many through out the world. We live in a shell of false security worrying only about who will make the super bowl, where the sale is and what happens to Britney’s child and her humpteenth boy friend. All this money we gave could have saved your social security and home. Try to be sensitive and get educated. I am a U.S. Citizen who appreciates this countries greatness and where we could be, if people like you could get better education.

  6. Daniel

    The time has come for the new world super powers (China and India) to take control of what is fast becoming their problem, now.
    The US stepped up to the plate… now it’s their turn to fight against terrorism for a while.

  7. Suresh

    Every time terrorism strikes India, the first finger points to Pakistan. Pakistan as usual denies vehemently and argues India has no proof and charges are baseless.
    India starts the game of words and Pakistan responds. This goes on and on. The big guys get into action and everything is forgotten very soon.
    Shame on India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan know the terrorists are all pure fanatical muslims trained by terror camps in and around Pakistan’s POK or from Afghanistan. The whole world knows this and yet we do not do any thing and every stupid leader of all the countries speak of vowing to avenge terrorism. What an Irony.
    So what should we do? We should do what Bush has done when the twin towers came down. Bush immediately attacked Afghanistan looking fo Osama, although there was no proof at that time.
    Why can’t Manmohan Singh attack the terror camps in POK? What is stopping India to make an air raid on these camps. Is there a better way to stop this. Every one knows all these terrorists are muslims and they are all trained in POK.
    Tomorrow a bigger disaster could shatter the peace in India and more innocent lives could be lost. What is the world waiting for? Why can’t they wipe these people once and for all?

    Oh GOD, I hate these terrorists.

  8. Sanjeev

    Sacking or resigning of a few minister is not going to solve the problems. If Shivraj was found not efficient why was he allowed to hold the office until this kind of a loss happens to the nation and innocent lives are lost. Why the true sons of soil—army, police, NSG officers should be sacrificed for the stupid act of these parasitic politicians? Sacking or resigning is not enough. Theses people should be barred from contesting in the elections, for lifetime, if found guilty. There should be no come back. How could the CM of Maharashtra passed such a comment like, SUCH SMALL INCIDENTS DO HAPPEN IN BIG CITIES LIKE MUMBAI. — HOW IRRESPONSIBLE AND OUTRAGEOUS COMMENT !!!

  9. C. Kumar

    Hey Joe, you mention our ‘fucking country should take care of our own shit’, but your country has been poking their noses into other people’s businesses for ever. I believe people such as you are to blame not making your voices known to your government to stop minding other people’s business. I am proud of my ‘fucking country’ just as much as you are proud of your ‘fucking country’. India doesn’t ask for help or handouts from the U.S. Go back to your books and read up on it before shooting your mouth off. It seems you are clueless and simply want to unload insults at my country. If you have ‘shit going on’, deal with it. Don’t cry to the rest of the world.

  10. Indians in India

    To “Dan”:

    When 9/11 happened and Bush addressed the nation, people in the US wanted to see him promise and deliver rivers of blood as retribution for the attack on their honor and sense of self-respect. He did come through with the Shock & Awe assault.

    Why is it that extracting revenge was fine in the above instance and now it is not? ‘Coz the victim nation is brown? Or simply not composed of “US Citizens”? Or ‘coz you think that India cannot beat the crap out of Pak as the US did of Afghanistan.

    Well “Dan”, let me tell you this as an Indian Citizen, we are no silent suffering saints, we want and deserve bloody revenge just as much as the next guy, want to tear apart limb by limb 10 Pakis for every Indian killed in Mumbai, want appeasement, eye for an eye- same as the US did. We want to nuke every Paki city, town and village to dust. And if there is any justice in this Universe, we will have it this time, even if we have to change our government to accomplish it.

    It does not matter if no one survives the battle, that fate is still preferable to us than living with Islam’s followers who will always be like this- no matter what you think. Islam is immutable and the moderate Muslim is a fool’s fantasy.

    Indians in India

  11. Hemant G

    The home minister of the country resigns home minister for state resigns chief minister resigns by that logic the Prime minister should resign.
    Also the NSG which walked in the following morning were late and come under the direct control of the PM’s office so he should resign.
    All this happens and Ministers who have a moral responsibility have to resign. But the Mumbai police commissioner who has direct responsibility of the matter stays put and no one has even asked for his resignation
    And Lalu he’s the railway minister right? Well there was a massacre at CST. He didn’t provide adequate security for its commuters how come he hasn’t resigned?
    If we are getting rid of honest politicians like Mr RR Patil and Mr. Shivraj Patil
    who take responsibility for their actions. Then let the spineless ones follow in

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