This sort of attack, requiring little more than light weapons, relatively small amounts of explosives, and pretty basic coordination, is what worries me most as we head into the holidays. They’re relatively easy to stage and quite effective:

Several people have been killed in a series of coordinated attacks targeting sites popular with tourists and business people, according to police and CNN’s sister network in India.

Ongoing battles between police and gunmen were reported at two five-star hotels by CNN-IBN.

Gunmen armed with automatic weapons and grenades attacked targets including the hotels, a cafe, and a train station, police say.

Police confirmed two deaths but IBN said at least 18 people were killed in the coordinated strikes, according to IBN.

The attacks included five shootouts and two grenade attacks, said a police officer who answered Mumbai’s police control room line.

IBN reported an ongoing battle at the five-star Oberoi Hotel where gunmen have reportedly taken hostages after searching out people with U.S. or British passports.

Up to 80 may have been killed and 200 injured but these numbers are in flux:

There have been multiple attacks in India’s city of Mumbai and breaking reports have just revealed that up to 80people may be dead.

It appears that new attacks are occurring and that Americans are being targeted. It’s difficult to tell in the chaos. More as the story develops.

Follow the global conversation about these attacks on Twitter.

Indian bloggers are pulling together at Mumbai Help.

Now following updates from Mumbai by Twitter user Kaushal.

More on the terrorists effort to identify foreigners in their attacks:

Shootings were reported in the lobby of the five-star Taj Mahal Palace hotel in the Colaba area of south Bombay and at the nearby Leopolds bar, a popular destination with western backpackers. Witnesses described pools of blood and bullet scarred walls at both locations.

A witness at the hotel told a local television station: “They wanted anyone with British or American passports.
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“They wanted foreigners.”

It’s still difficult to tell if this round of attacks is coming to an end or if it will continue:

The attacks began about 2230 local time (1700 GMT) and more than two hours later witnesses were reporting new explosions and gunfire.

The targets include businesses frequented by international visitors.

CNN correspondent Andrew Stevens said: “We are getting reports of ongoing incidents at the railway station and the Oberoi Hotel.

“We do not know if this has reached its peak or if more attacks to come.”

A local journalist told CNN he had seen evidence of an attack at the city’s domestic airport, which is on the outskirts of the Mumbai.

IBN reported explosions at a gas station and inside a taxi on a dockside road.


  1. Chandan Chaudhuri

    This is on going saga in India. Only in a very large scale this time. World’s new economic power India does not care about people’s safety and security. They have a worst home minister after India’s independence from British.

  2. Arthi

    I wonder if the same “international” coverage of the situation would have taken place has there not been hostage situation involving specifically “westerners”. We did see coverage during earlier blasts and this coverage is just “sensational”.

    It is a new dimention to terror, now that it involves FOREIGNERS. Need to have them to attract attention to this menace from these extremists and support from across the border. As I watch the TV, there is minimal coverage of anywhere else where attacks have occurred; attention poured on the TAJ hotel where “western” hostages are held.

  3. Daniel Davis

    Cowards! Anybody can shoot innocent and unsuspecting people. So what’s your point? Not happy with our life or political situation? Who’s fault is that? Not the tourists you just killed. Cowards. BS cowards!!!!

  4. kwazimota

    im sure there is a value to this outrage the monetary policies of greedy bamkers seems to have again cost the innocent lets be thamkfull today for corrupt governments and a brain dead populase

  5. kwazimota

    im sure there is a value to this outrage the monetary policies of greedy bamkers seems to have again cost the innocent lets be thamkfull today for corrupt governments and a brain dead populice im sure these differences of opinions could be settled peacefully we still havnt set the price

  6. atlantikaB

    Pakis are double-standard hypocrats. They got independence just 1 day before India,look at them, they haven’t achieved anything other than nukes and arms. India on other hand, is flourishing, with IT, finance, manufacturing sectors ,even in movies n entertainment and people much more educated and cultured and civilised than them. Pakis cannot compete in anyway with India , so they’ve resorted to violence n cowardly acts of terrorism in Kashmere, Mumbai, other muslim dominated areas of India. They tried this in Punjab few decades back, but hats off to KPS Gill n like police men. Pakis are taking help from gangsters like D n playing a spoilt sport play , just the way they play their cricket.
    They should concentrate on something +ve and work on that grounds , its not a easy path with lot of hardwork n perseverence. Even their base is unstable , make their country a democratic state 1stly , then work towards achieving their goals of progress. They’ve talent n resources but going the wrong way, they should adopt more +ve approach n genuinely work towards it, rather than putting their resources on destroying their peace loving neighbour ‘India’.

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