Via WTAE in Pittsburgh:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the young woman for her to make a speedy recovery, and we hope that the person who perpetrated this crime is swiftly apprehended and brought to justice.”

McCain personally contacted Ashley and her family:

“She is a volunteer for the McCain-Palin campaign,” said campaign spokesman Peter Feldman. “Sen. McCain has reached out to her via telephone and has spoken to her and her family,” as has McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Feldman said. “Out of respect for her privacy we’re not going to comment further.”

I’m sort of on the fence on this one. Maybe it’s true and maybe it isn’t. The photo with the backwards “b” makes me wonder but it’s the media’s handling of it that I think will be interesting.

This story would be burning through the media, even without confirmation, had an Obama volunteer reported a similar incident. Instead, they’re is going to be all over this young woman. Every detail of her life, related or not, will be fair game. The treatment of Joe the plumber will appear restrained in comparison. I don’t think she’ll come out of the other side with a shred of credibility even if they can’t poke holes in her story. Pundits will want to know how she can be taken seriously when she skipped school at 13 or had an unpaid parking ticket.

Then again, many of them might just pass over the story entirely. They’re just too busy posing balanced questions like “Is the McCain campaign honorable?

Others Blogging:

Outside the Beltway – I’m now skeptical of this woman’s claims. The “B” is backwards. Perhaps her assaliant is horrifingly illiterate, but it could also be the result of injuring oneself by looking in the mirror.

Democrat = Socialist – Who cares that the “B” is backwards, it’s too neat and uniform in cut. She would have had to hold very still and the assailant would have had to been taking his time and careful not to go too deep.

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  1. brian

    Four possibilities:

    Mugger is left handed, dyslexic and sitting on her chest in a public area…not likely

    Mugger is a Democrat, Mugger has her in a choke hold from the rear and is right handed ………most likely

    Victim is seeking Joe the Plumber attention for self gain and stupid enough to scratch it backwards, take a picture and still not notice it’s backwards……….Not likely

    Victim is trying to sway public opinion of Democrats by being stupid enough to scratch it backwards, take a picture and still not notice it’s backwards……..Not likely

    Please think before you type, think before you vote

  2. Pingback: Democrat=Socialist

  3. Jude

    Uhhhhhhhh it said he beat her down… Don’t ya think he was standing at the top of her head kicking her face-in as she laid on the ground????????? Uhhhhh yea from that angle he would’ve written it like that: THINK ABOUT IT CSI OBAMAs (morons).

  4. NonBeliever

    Okay…the guy robs her and just stays in the area buying Starbucks coffee or something.

    Come on folks…The robber follows politics but doesn’t think this woman will call the cops after he robber her?

  5. JinBlue

    If you check out the picture she has posted, you may become more skeptical – notice that the “B” is not ‘cut’ into her face – it is more like an ‘abrasion’ – or low level “scratch” – this is fortunate for the victim because she will likely not have any scarring – but difficult to reconcile with the “violent” attack that she claims. If there is a vigorous struggle – and a knife, skin is going to get cut – and probably severely.
    Also look at the eyes – while there is the appearance of a black eye, there is no evidence of the swelling that would be expected – and swelling does not instantly go away in facial trauma.
    I’d hope this young woman gets all the care she needs & that only the truth is told. If somebody did this to her, they should be caught & punished – but if this actually is made up, I hope that the police don’t subsequently identify an innocent 6′ 4″ 200lb black man as a suspect.

  6. ashleyislying

    Besides being backwards, how about the fact that the B is perfectly uniform, and in Helvetica?

    Or that she claimed her attacker mugged her wearing just an undershirt in 43 degree weather?

    Or that she was twittering before and after the attack?

    Or that she refused medical attention, but blogged and posted photos?

    Or that she didn’t bother to use her phone to find a Bank of America (there aren’y any in pittsburgh), and instead drove around unfamiliar neighborhoods?

    Or that she twittered “I’m on the wrong side of town” but still left her car to withdraw $60?

    Sorry, not buying it. I’m disappointed in both campaigns for addressing it, and more so in the police and media for pushing this story. Hopefully it will be debunked sometime Friday.

  7. AcesRHigh

    Clearly a hoax. Maybe she did get mugged (though I doubt it) but its clear that the person had a lot of time to do the “B” on her face. On top of that, police report that he held her arms down on her chest with his knees. So, either it’s backwards because of some extreme dyslexia, or she did it in a mirror. Apparently the mugger did all this out of camera view. If she was just stopping off at an ATM she probably wouldn’t park far away. Usually I will park right in front or even double-park if I don’t use the drive-through ATM. Lastly, she said she was looking for a Bank of America on her twitter, to “avoid fees.” But this all happened at a Citizens Bank? Come on… at least stick with your story. I bet she didn’t know she’d get an investigation and probably just figured she would get some fame and some elections for McCain. The reason she doesn’t know “which direction he ran” is because she’s obviously unsure of cameras in the area, or if anyone was around in certain places. She would hate to say “he went that way” only to find out “that way” had a camera angled in the direction and caught no one.

  8. Sully


    Quickest episode of CSI ever.

    Nice job creating a racist nightmare scenario to get people in PA concerned about big black men carving Bs into nice little white girls.


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