ashley todd twitter Ashley Todd Commented on Twitter Before and After Reported Attack from Obama Supporter

I pulled these relevant tweets from Twitter’s search site. Ashley is known as atodd on their service. Her updates are now protected.

I’ll let you make up your own minds about this one.

Ashley is taking a lot of fire from folks on Twitter. Just look here and here for examples. She’s finding support too.

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Pittsburgh Police: Ashley Todd Lied About Obama Supporter Attack


  1. JAY

    M, you are a freaking f-tard. You people are riding the “Bad Karma” bus and one day something will happen like this to YOUR children (thanks to your @hole attitude against this poor chick)…

  2. John Bolibo

    Sooner Ashley you are going to be very popular if this story turns out to be a prank. For starters there is something fishy here. Who writes letter B in reverse UNLESS you are writing it yourself and again why would the left eye be blackened which corresponds with a right handed blow from the attacker, whereas the reversed or backward letter B is from a left handed person, UNLESS it was written by the victim herself, using her right hand, and engraving on her right check, using the mirror. And all these were supposed to have happened in a few seconds in front of a busy ATM machine.

    Watch it America, the vast right wing rednecks might be up to some trick to stir some racial hatred and in a way swerve some votes away from Obama. Already they are saying a black man did it. Who in his right man, after robbing you of $60, stop to carve such a nice and clean letter B on your face. You would have had to sit down quietly without any struggles etc. Congressman John Murtha has already described western Pennsylvania as a hotbed of racists outpost. How could he have been wrong, he knows what he is talking about. Shame!!!!

  3. RobC

    Update: Cops think shes Lying!!!

    “Police planned to administer a polygraph test to Ashley Todd, 20, because her statements about the attack conflict with evidence fromthe Citizens Bank ATM where she claims the incident occurred, policesaid.”

    Also, for all the “if this was an Obama campaign worker…”

    This REAL assault happened a week ago….where’s the outrage?

  4. kitty

    By “wrong” side of town, she clearly means “black” side of town.

    Help, I’m a white woman attacked by a black man! All I wanted was for him to bust up my chiffarobe! And then he said he felt sorry for me!

  5. mark

    When you locate the McCain NATIONAL staff person who had John McCain and Sarah Palin personally call Ashley and say the attack was “SICKENING”, give him/her a big Al Gore on Tipper slobbery wet KISS, but with MORE uncomfortable icky TONGUE ACTION.

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