A significant portion of the interview is devoted the issues related to the bailout – a topic Barr recently addressed in Time For Real Economic Reform. It’s good stuff but his positions on Iraq and Afghanistan, which are addressed further in, are not quite as well thought out. His plan for Iraq, also laid out on his web site, isn’t really much of a plan:

Unlike Republicans, who are calling for essentially permanent bases in Iraq, and Democrats, who have done nothing to counter Republican calls for an indefinite occupation, I would put in place plans for withdrawal without undue delay. While I support an exit from Iraq as quickly as possible, I would not publicly announce a timetable to our adversaries. However, as President, I would begin to immediately and significantly begin to reduce both the military and the economic security blanket we are providing the government.

So he would begin withdraw immediately but, being the crafty tactician that he is, wouldn’t foolishly announce that he’s withdrawing immediately – only he just did. Confused yet?

Foreign policy continues to be a weak spot for the Libertarian Party. There’s a certain disdain for it in their platform, which is understandable, but unrealistic given our present circumstances. The Cato Institute obviously gives the subject some thought but I can’t recall a Libertarian candidate with clearly articulated, and realistic, foreign policy positions. Bob Barr isn’t exactly breaking the mould.

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