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KHOU: Fires Burning in Galveston

I don’t want to imagine what Galveston Island is going to look like in the morning. The surge is going to be devastating but there are several reports of large fires burning throughout the island.

The fires can’t be contained in this weather and flooding so it’s unlikely that we’ll know the extend of the damage until Ike has passed.

Hurry Up Ike

It’s taking forever for this huge storm to pass. We probably have more than 12 hours of this ahead of us.

We’re starting to see really strong gusts. They’re moving the trees around quite a bit and you can hear the big ones coming for 30 seconds or so before they hit you. Stuff isn’t coming apart yet but that is almost certainly going to happen as the eye nears us early in the morning.

Thankfully, we still have power and satellite TV despite brief flickers. I don’t have much hope that we’ll maintain this luck through the early morning hours.

Stay tuned.

Video: The Hurricane Ike Bear

This is wrong on many levels but it’s also the first time I’ve laughed in a couple of days.

H/T: Houstonist

Power is flickering now. I doubt we will have it much longer. We have car batteries with power inverters for electronics and a generator for larger items. If Internet access is possible I will continue to update.