I’m home now. Power, water, satellite, and Internet have all been restored. Houston’s Midtown is springing back to life with many businesses operating at full capacity or finding some way to make do.

My place did sustain some minor flooding damage. It looks like water came surging up a sink drain. The resulting mess clogged the sink and damaged some carpet. I did have to trash the contents of my fridge but the loss was not significant. My place is still very livable so I consider myself fortunate. I’m working hard to get everything cleaned up and to get ready for work in the morning.

I still have plenty of cash on hand and the gas tank is 3/4 full. I filled up before the storm and tried hard to minimize driving so I haven’t had to wait in a fuel line. I hope to make the gas last long enough to avoid that altogether.

Again, please consider making a donation to the Red Cross. They will be assisting our region for a long time to come.

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