We traveled to Clear Lake yesterday to take a generator, fuel, air conditioner, and other supplies to a friend’s parents. The trip was difficult near downtown. Flooding, fallen trees, roofing material, and other debris made the roads quite hazardous. Drivers blowing through intersections that should be treated as 4-way stops were the biggest threat.

I-45 South was mostly clear. Few of the businesses that lined the freeway were open but those that were had enormously long lines. Clear lake itself was a mess but most of the damage, along Bay Area, seemed tree related. Brook Forest and neighborhoods surrounding it seemed particularly hard with with massive trees down in huge numbers.

My family lives in the Brookwood subdivision and it looked horrible. Most of the homes were structurally sound but many, including my parent’s home, suffered minor damage from fallen limbs and trees. A contractor with heavy equipment was working his way up and down the streets removing fallen trees and patching damaged roofs. He was doing a lot of business and will likely continue to do so for weeks.

My place is still without power so I continue to stay with a friend. We’re the lucky ones though. We have power and we prepared well with plenty of food, water, and gas. We’ve both lived through many hurricanes and tropical storms, Including hurricane Alicia, and knew what the aftermath would be like. We’ve turned most of our attention to supporting family and friends


  1. Elle

    Glad you were prepared. There were so many that were not. Still waiting on my place to get power back in clear lake. The Chron website lets you look up if power has been restored to your area btw.

  2. Blogs of War

    The upside to all of this is that many Houstonians will be better prepared next time. I know a lot of people who wrote the pre-storm news off as media hype. I don’t think that will happen again unless the next major storm occurs many years from now.

    Everyone I talked to who lived through Alicia was well prepared.

    Good luck in Clear Lake.

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