We woke up to really bad news this morning. Thunderstorms dumped inches of rain on an already waterlogged city. Buffalo and White Oak bayous were already stressed but now we are looking at flooding reminiscent of tropical storm Allison.

The interstate in front of us looks like a 100 foot wide river. I’m hearing that I-45 south is similarly flooded and sealed off. It’s going to get worse too. Radar shows much more rain on the way.

We need to reach a friend’s family with some supplies. Unfortunately, they’re in Clear Lake which means that we’ll have to skirt a lot of flooded highways, We’re leaving in about a hlf hour and expect this to take several hours. Hopefully, we’ll make it back before the city-wide curfew goes into effect.

More updates to follow.

Mayor White is asking people to stay off the streets. That’s great advice. We’re only traveling out of necessity. We’re both locals and have decades of experience dealing with these kinds of situations.


  1. Kirk Kittell

    Hey John. Where did you get the info about the closed highways or conditions around Clear Lake? I live about 100m from Clear Lake and was thinking of coming back tonight (also, I just learned there was a curfew via your post, so… maybe not coming back at night…)

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