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Twitter: Hand Grenade Scare Forces Evacuations at JFK Airport’s JetBlue Terminal

It hasn’t made the mainstream media yet but people at the airport are providing updates via Twitter.

Word is that someone tried to bring hand grenade through security at JFK….whole place evacuated

They just made us evacuate at JFK…

at jfk, just landed. they evacuated entire building. loud speaker gal begged everyone to get out!

landed JFK @JetBlue. Waiting by Gate 16 when announcement came to evacuate the building. Headed outside now.

Consider the hand grenade aspect of this unconfirmed for now. I’m looking for additional information.

Update VIII:
It looks like things are returning to normal – although that could take a while:

Loudspeaker: “We are letting everyone in, nice and easy. Don’t worry. No planes are leaving without you.”

Update VII:
All signs are pointing to disarmed or fake grenades:

JFK Update: “Grenades” turned out to be paperweights, WABC TV reports.

Update VI:
Stories are conflicting at the moment. Here’s more on the real grenade angle from WCBSTV:

According to sources, it was spotted at the JetBlue terminal just before 7:55 a.m. The suspicious package turned out to be two World War II grenades wrapped in a passenger’s suitcase.

Immediately after the sighting, passengers were prevented from entering Terminal 6.

As of 8:30 however, passengers were being let back into the area. Authorities believe the situation safe and non-threatening.

Update V:
A potentially positive development:

Apparently JFK JetBlue terminal is re-opened – toy -grenade found

Update IV:
More from Geraldo who apparently is just on scene by coincidence:

Few details are available, but FOX News correspondent Geraldo Rivera reported that two pilots told him the Jet Blue terminal was evacuated after two grenades were found.

Authorities have not confirmed this report.

Update III:
Fox is on the story now but they don’t have much information yet:

The JetBlue terminal at New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport was evacuated on Monday because of a suspicious device, Fox News reported.

Update II:
2 Grenades were just found in the Jet Blue terminal of JFK airport.

More than one person has seen Geraldo on the scene:

JetBlue terminal at JFK being evacuated…Geraldo Rivera is saying the rumor is there were GRENADES found…