Texas is not alone. There are 65,000 troops on standby along the Gulf Coast:

Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum, chief of the National Guard Bureau, said there are 65,000 guardsmen on standby across the region.

“Any response required will be rapid and effective,” Gen. Blum said during a press conference at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters in Washington.

Other resources are pouring into staging areas from around the country:

Ambulance staff and equipment from North Dakota and Minnesota are on their way to the Gulf Coast to provide emergency response capacity to the areas likely to be impacted by Hurricane Gustav.

“Five ambulances and 22 people left late Thursday evening,” said Randy Fischer, operations director for Ringdahl EMS. “We took one ambulance and three people from our Jamestown operation, one ambulance and three people from Lisbon and the rest from our operations in Minnesota.”

Fischer said Ringdahl EMS is under contract to American Medical Response and was notified Thursday morning of a potential deployment of what is referred to as a strike team. The team is traveling to a staging area at San Antonio, Texas.

Remember that all of these resources will likely be useless to you during the storm itself if you decided to stay and are caught in it’s path. These folks will be picking up the pieces after the storm has moved on.


  1. LaJoyce Safford

    Are the prisoners in Beaumont, TX being evaculated.

    My nephew is there. I have heard nothing about the prisoners being safe.

    I called Beaumont’s number. The call is not going through.

    I an anxious to hear that these ones are also being led to safety.

    I appreciate your response. Anxious aunt.

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