marspoenixwater The Mars Phoenix Lander Confirms Presence of Water Ice

Those are the relevant updates posted by the team on Twitter. It’s my favorite way to follow the mission. Nearly 30,000 people seem to agree.

Science News also has an update:

The Phoenix team was surprised to detect the water ice in the latest sample delivered to the Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer instrument, or TEGA instrument, said William Boynton, a TEGA co-investigator from the University of Arizona, during a press briefing.

Delivering an ice-rich sample to one of TEGA’s eight ovens proved to be a challenge for the scientists for the past month. When the latest two attempts failed, the team instead decided to dig and dump a sample of soil taken from just above the ice layer.

The analysis of this sample, however, showed that “this was icy soil,” Boynton said. The results show that when the oven heated the soil, some of the sample melted at 0o Celsius — the melting point of ice.


  1. DrZ

    I would like to congratulate this team. People do not realize how important this discovery is! This will be very important in our travel to other planets and how we view the universe.

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