mapofthepoliticalblogospherjune2008 PresidentialWatch08: Mapping the Political Blogosphere

PresidentialWatch08 has mapped over 500 political blogs, including Blogs of War. Their innovative interface allows users to dig into the posting and linking trends of the political blogosphere. Be warned, you can kill a ton of time creating reports.

Presidential Watch 2008 is pleased to bring you the ultimate set of tools to see, hear and feel what citizens and supporters are saying on the Internet about the 2008 presidential elections.

Our non-partisan observatory of the 2008 netcampaign offers to monitor and analyze the important trends of the campaign, the opinions of citizens and the continuously evolving standings of the candidates taking part in the race, from the primaries to the final run-up.

The tools and the contents we provide should satisfy your private interest for politics. They will also give you great insight for your posts and articles on the presidential race.

Where is the debate happening ? What are the hot topics on the agenda ? Who’s making the news ? Who are the online community leaders ? Here are very simple and comprehensive ways you can answer these questions.



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