Go Greyhound? I don’t think so:

As horrified travelers watched, a Greyhound Canada bus passenger repeatedly stabbed and then decapitated a young man who was sitting and sleeping beside him, a witness said Thursday.

“There was a bloodcurdling scream. I was just reading my book, and all of a sudden, I heard it,” Garnet Caton, who was sitting in front of the two men, said of the Wednesday night incident west of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

“It was like something between a dog howling and a baby crying, I guess you could say,” Caton said. “I don’t think it will leave me for a while.”

I drive by Houston’s Greyhound terminal daily. This story is less surprising after seeing the collection of characters that hang out around that place.

The victim has been identified as 22 year old Tim McLean. A Facebook group has been created in his memory.


  1. Dan

    This may have not prevented this incident, but I know that security and safety has swiftly gone downhill after the Greyhound U.S.A. took over Canadian operations a few years ago. Before they would not let intoxicated passengers on buses and it was generally a decent experience and now they just dont give a shit and the experiences have been personally frightening. Ive been on buses with unseemly characters fistfighting, alcoholics swear into cellphones and then passing out and pissing/shitting themselves a few minutes later and the bus keeps moving like nothing is going on. And thats just a couple off the top of my head. I really avoided Greyhound when possible after those incidents, and this just seals the deal.

  2. Anton

    Had I been there I wouldve pulled out my bucknife and slashed the attackers jugular vein before he had the chance to behead his victim. What frustrates me is that this happened in Canada which doesnt have the Death Penalty or Prison Rape for people like this.
    I also cant understand why the Cops didnt just shoot him DEAD on the spot. Thats what we do here in the U.S.

  3. Doug Roberts

    Well Anton, you’re right. We don’t have the death penalty here. We don’t have one tenth the amount of violent crime that you have in the U.S. here either. This was a horrific crime, perpetrated by one very sick individual. If things happened the way they were reported, he won’t be going anywhere for a long time, if ever. We don’t need people like you or anyone else to show us how to kill more people. Believe it or not, we don’t want to be like Americans. Please stay where you are.

  4. camila

    what do you mean by “passengers acted bravely”? everybody in that bus let that guy die, they just got off the bus??? come on it was one guy !! I can’t understand how none of them tried to do something… this is sick

  5. Shannon

    I am from Canada and am proud to be Canadian. That said I believe we need the death penatly. The amount of crime we have does not matter, the severity of the crime does. This man will float though our court system for months and possibly years. Eventually we will loose sight of the story once he has been judged legally insane and spends the rest of his time in a home. The cost to try him will be insane as well as the cost to keep him locked up. The horrible way he ended someone’s life will never be forgotten especially to those who witnessed it, family and friends. I don’t believe every crime calls for the death penalty but this one does. The police should have open fired at the bus once everyone was cleared from the bus and ended this. This man could never possibly pay enough for his crime. Insane or not he doesn’t deserve the life he was given.

  6. Doug

    Some Americans talk about bravery…bullshit…I would have helped people get off the bus as quickly as possible, the only way I would have attacked the knife welder is with a baseball bat or a loaded gun…Arm chair,”tough Americans” make me want to puke!
    I hope no one ever has to fight a crazy knife welding man with there fists…it’s suicide!
    I love America…I’m a “True North American” I live in CANADA…The Land Of The Free, The Land Of The Brave…DEAL WITH IT!

  7. doug is a dumbass

    Doug, you are a worthless piece of shit. Would you feel the same way had the victim been your brother? Or your son that you spent 19 years raising? No big deal if he’s mutilated, eh? People like you are not fit to walk the earth. And yet, if I had been there and you were the one being attacked, I would have twisted the attackers neck so fast he wouldn’t even know he was dead yet. I am American, and I believe the punishment should fit the crime. This monster needs to be killed, heinously. I don’t know how any able bodied man could run from someone who needs help. I guess I’m just not as uncompassionate as a Canadian about my fellow man. You couldn’t stop me from jumping on that guy, whether it was my own death sentence or not. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I had been there and allowed another human being to be so horrifically mutilated. Every man on that bus should be ashamed of themselves and everyone that defends them needs to take a hard look at themselves in themirror and then go look at their family sleeping and picture it as one of them having their head torn from their bodies and then carried around as a trophy after he guts them. Disgusting, makes me sick to my stomach.

  8. Bird

    Thank the Lord the passengers of United Flight 93 were not as cowardly as the 33 Greyhound bus passengers who let a young man get stabbed to death AND decapitated. Do you know how long it would have to take to cut off a person’s head with a butcher knife? That idiot speaking to the press needs to shut up and go sit down somewhere with his head hung in shame, not talking to reporters. Sad to see that Canadians are just as self absorbed as Americans. I was preying that attituded was confined to the USA. Guess not.

  9. Paul

    My God! we live in a sick world, What is wrong with us? I know one thing we need the God in our lifes, Sounds like the suspect is demon possessed, who in there right mind would do this to another human being

  10. Shannon

    I really have to agree with Doug. I’ve wondered and wondered why out of 37 people on that bus no one could do anything? I don’t understand at all. All these people there and not one could do anything? It makes absolutely no sense at all. I would think that at least one person’s reaction would be “holy shit we gotta help this guy” Then everyone manages to get off the bus and a few try to go back on to try to save the guy. Unless I’m misunderstanding something it really was a little too late. A few years ago in my quiet neighborhood someone who was mentally ill took a hostage within his home. It quickly turned into a stand off. He shot and killed a police officer and instantly the gunfire was returned and he the suspect was shot and killed. Why an innocent person was so brutally murdered and the guy who did it walked away. He may have been in handcuffs but he still walked away. He should have been removed in a body bag.

  11. DannyZ

    Why are Canadians so f#@cking smug? They are so insecure that every time something happens in their country they have to insult Americans. It’s like that is the only way they can feel good about themselves. What a sad bunch of people.

  12. Amanda

    It sounds like it was already too late to help the young man. He was stabbed several times with a butcher knife before anyone even had a chance to react, and all they could do was get everyone else out of harms way. Its a miracle that in the close quarters of a greyhound bus with 34 people, only one person was hurt.

    And as for the death penalty, I’m not opposed, and think it should be an option for someone like this.

  13. Skid

    This was a very sad incident and what is almost as sad is how both the Canadians and Americans here all of a sudden have to make this an issue about nationality. It has nothing to do with that….these kind of psychos can turn up anywhere in the world. Stop making nasty comments about each others countries. Grow up for God’s sake. How old are you anyway?

  14. Gabe

    Wow this is pathetic, a tragic murder, of a young man who didn’t deserve it happened, and a bunch of cowardly people stood aside and did nothing and the only thing canadian posters can do is sit here and bash america to make themselves feel better?

    What a bunch of ignorant morons. This is an absolute embarassing mess, and you people should stop talking before you continue to dig your hole even deeper.

  15. Dennis

    I truly hope all canadians aren’t this ignorant and cowardly. Sitting here calling up things that happened on 9/11, because of a crime that happened in your “country”.

    These posts reak of ignorance and jealousy.

  16. Bif

    Point1: By the time most people stood up the victim was already dead.
    Point2: There is no room on a Greyhound bus, even to exit you have to turn sideways to get out.
    Point3: If you were in the front of the bus would you trample and push eldery women and children to save a man that was already dead.
    Point4: Do you realize that 3 men went back on the bus to help and were sickened by the decapitation
    Point5: Why are you people putting down Canadians or putting down Americans or both?
    Point6: This was a tragic event – life is not a movie, so anyone calling anyone cowards are morons, you’re no better than a right-wing talkshow host, cut everything to shreds and get fat and lazy on your chair.
    That’s all.

  17. Americans are super heros

    Oh please, you americans are just as bad.
    I totally agree that americans in a situation like this should stand up and be a hero. Because the majority of the U.S. is filled with ignorant super heros wannabes. All they like to do is kill, kill and kill… Nothing satisfy them more than killing.
    Oh wait a minute, if you folks really love to fight and kill so much, why not just all go to Iraq and fight Al-Queda? If you all think you americans are heros, why do you have soldier smuggling into Canada to avoid service in Iraq. Killing is fun, but being kill wouldn’t be fun. Don’t always think that you have the upper hand. How are you suppose to fight a crazy man that has a Rambo knife? I guess you americans are just too damn stupid to think about that.
    I guess with stupid americans wanting to be super heros, the U.S. will be able to cut down the population of the mentally challenged. I believe that’s 80% of the american population. This is the cause of the U.S. economy in the slump. Filled with ignorant mentally challenged americans. How are you suppose to have a booming economy, more like dooming economy.

  18. Shannon

    I just wanted to respond to Dennis’s comments about hoping all Canadians aren’t ignorant. I’m not an ignorant Canadian but there are some. As well as not all Americans are ignorant but there are some. Some how the tradegy that happened has been forgotten and now the argument about which country and it’s people are better has begun. That’s not the point here. The point is something horrific happened. It doesn’t matter where it happened. Both countries have their own faults and their benefits. What is the point of attacking each other? I’m not sure either why Terry thought the attacker would be American. Your comment made no sense. Why? You must realize we have crimminals here in Canada. Crazy, deranged people don’t just live in one part of the world..sadly they can be found in every country in this world.

  19. Eric

    I am a Latin from Puerto Rico but I was on a greyhound bus in Florida the same day this ridiculousness happened. I also ask why this incident is making Americans and Canadians go on with their hatred for each other, especially when the attacker was neither one or the other. This is called mental insanity, possible demonic possession, whatever you want to call it, but the man deserves death or been taken away to a high security room for insane people, because there is something we can be sure… this guy was not in his self.

  20. Wolf

    Doug, of course you want to be American, otherwise you wouldn’t be denying it so vehemently.

    I’m a U.S. Marine and a former Law enforcement officer, adn I can tell you there is nothing cowardly about gettting the eff out of dodge when you can’t win. It takes three of four officers to get an unarmed handcuffed man out of the back of a patrol car if he doesn’t want to come out, I can’t imagine 30 people trying to fight a guy with a 12 inch knife in a bus aisle.

    As to the idiot that said he would have pulled out his own knife and slashed the guys throat, you are stupider than Doug. The kid was asleep, and got stabbed repeatedly by a 12 inch knife. You would have done the same thing he did, bleed to death wondering what the hell was going on.

  21. bjk

    Seriously people, you cannot compare Flight 93 to this situation.

    With Flight 93 there was time to prepare to fight back.

    In this situation, before anybody knew anything was wrong, the guy had a BUTCHER KNIFE IN HIS NECK.

    Seriously. Every single one of you would react liek them – get the hell off that bus. Sure you would have pulled out your knife and stabbed him in the jugular. Sure. You can run back through the tiny aisles jumping over seats, etc. Get a grip. Maybe if you were in the seat in front or behind… thats it.

  22. dick-fitzwell

    paul there is no way a sane person can measure the value of one life against another. wtf is wrong with you people? dont matter it was 3 thousand to one . a life is a life. besides our country did it to itself so that “PATRIOTIC” people would not have a problem with their government raping another country. true story

  23. wtf?

    “besides our country did it to itself so that “PATRIOTIC” people would not have a problem with their government raping another country. true story”
    Please tell me your joking. Please tell me you’re not talking about the Iraq war. Raping another country? Saddam Hussein was killing of MILLIONS of his own citizens just to intimidate them into not speaking against him. You don’t think HE was raping that country? The US found mass graves of citizens HUSSEIN had killed off for no good reason. Apparently you think that is ok? And since you said “our country” I’m guessing you’re American. An American so comfortable in his own security his nation provides him that he can’t for one second understand what it is like to live in a country like Iraq under the power of a dictator like Saddam Hussein. Bush hasn’t had millions of his citizens killed off to intimidate them. It saddens me how ungrateful some Americans are for the secirity their nation provides them. When a you fireworks or thunder, you know them for what they are. You sit there with no worries because you know what that noise is. In Iraq it’s a bomb. Everday it’s a bomb. And that was happening WELL BEFORE the Us came in. When’s the last time a bomb went off in your neighborhood? You go ahead and sleep in your little web of safety tonight and wake up still being ungrateful to the country that gives you that safety.

  24. lion heart

    i live in canada i hate the canadian anglos as they are mostly racist and xenophobic and ignorant. even americans are better than canadians as they are not ego centric and narcisstic as canuks and canucks do not believe much in God almighty. they just love killing seals. i am a immigrant for 6 years and i can guratee you racism if you are not from a white country. people around the world believe in government foriegn policy which is very utopian makes you think canada is that ideal place. but relity is different when you experience a different nature of hospitality from those anglo skinheads. if i was hitler i would wipe out the race. unfortunately i have to be a counter racist than a gentleman here in canada ever since i immigrated. in canada gentlemen donot apply only bullies accepted. even government policies of past were racist thatis why trhey have best immigrant friendly policies now to conceal their ugly past. and do not trust their media they are the most prejudiced agianst east indians , muslims termed as brown people in globe and mail. anada may be most diverse as many canadians like to tell but they still live in their own burrows. i am not surprises why canadians are hunted inmexico as tourists, in afghanistan and in greyhound bus decapitation station in canada. they are retarded aggressive and narcisstic worse than americans which is why canadians hate americans as they suffer from huge inferoity complex from down south. and americans burned down toronto a couple of centuries ago. rthey are still stuck there in their minds. law abiding and crimeless its changing now for worse. just think of it as the macho beasts inhabiting the richest land on earth on generous government welfare (oil and mines)laid back sitting on their asses.many immigrants with brains haver already left canada because of their best restrictive licensing occupational policies for america or better pastures, by the way canadians call that brain draining as if those brains were made in canada. they are less quality concios. unless oil boosted and mines boosted canadian dollar was there canada would be a third world country like worse than africa and not a borgouis g-8 country club. thanks a million canada. we need more sleeper cells to wipe out the white skinheads here. the police is useless here. its the land of best law abiding hookers and pimps

  25. colored, sane, canadian lady

    i understand that some think if in canada we legalized fire arms this situation could have been prevented.. who really knows tho? maybe this crazy killer would have had harsher weapons to work with if this were the case? maybe the whole thing would have turned into a blood bath and we would have lost more lives in that event?
    none of us really know whether this would have helped the situation or not. regarless, i believe if we legalized fire arms in canada our crime rate would have a massive increase.
    as for killing this murderous bastard on the spot, i dont think that would have been a suitable way to deal with the situation. what i hope this slashing psycho does now is give an explanation for his actions. the family and friends of the boy who died deserve a reason, aswell it is important for us to understand what the fuck is going on in that executionists head!!!! maybe if we understand his mentality better we can prevent these acts from happening!
    as for the puerto rican man. it makes me very very sad to hear you are having a hard time from the white canadians. it pains me to see people judging our countries (canada,america, well really every country) as a whole and not each person for who they are as an individual. i was born and raised in canada mixed races and i never really felt any racism towards me. i hope things will change for you in a positive way so you dont have to look at canada as a whole in such a negative light.
    please everyone, just remember what it is we are commenting about in the first place. a brutal tragity that has happened to an innocent young man. we all live in this world together, and if we want to make it work we have to support each other, not point fingers at each other. all i can hope is that the deceased’s afterlife is peaceful, and that his family and friends recover from there loss.
    obviously this murderer has some issues, and we need to get to the bottom of it and find out what they are that triggered this situation (ie mental instability, over-medicated, under medicated, in need of medication just to name a few scenarios) to look for signs and recognize the signs in others and prevent others from commiting such ludacris acts!
    i hope this shines some positive light on such a negative situation… love

  26. Steven roe

    Listn at u muppets,mst ov the comments posted mention nuffin about the poor soul brutaly murderd 4no reasn at all,how u can 4 get that n argue n bicker btween each otha about whos beta,americans r canadians? Its beynd me.ur sad seriously

    N the guy who did this deserves death,nuffin less! In my country,england he’d b out in 20yrs with a new identity,a job n a home,hope the legal systm aint as leanient as ours. Rip tim x

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