Breaking now:

A bulldozer driver went on a rampage in central Jerusalem Tuesday afternoon in an apparent attempt to recreate the terror attack in the capital a few weeks ago.
The aftermath of a previous…

The bulldozer reportedly left a construction site near Yemin Moshe near King David Street, crashed into a city bus and hit two cars, wounding one person seriously and several more lightly.

The wounded were evacuated to Sha’are Tzedek Hospital in the capital.

According to initial reports, the driver was first shot by a civilian, but continued his attack before he was shot dead by border policemen.

This mirrors an attack that occurred at beginning of the month.

Thankfully the initial low casualty reports are holding:

One person was “moderately to seriously wounded,” and four others sustained minor injuries in Tuesday’s attack, the statement said, citing Jerusalem’s police chief.

Or are they? The AP is reporting 16 injuries. At least there seems to be agreement on the severity of the injuries.

Update II:
The attack occurred near the hotel that will host Obama:

Obama was due to arrive in Israel later in the day and stay at the King David Hotel, a couple of blocks from the scene of the latest attack.

Police are reportedly searching for additional suspects:

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said police had sealed off possible escape routes into predominantly Arab east Jerusalem and were searching for two suspects who fled the scene.

Israeli rescue services said they had evacuated one person whose leg was partially severed.

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