At least three are dead in the attack – more injured:

The rampage in western Jerusalem lasted about five minutes before a police officer climbed up the side of the swerving bulldozer and fatally shot the driver — a Palestinian from an East Jerusalem village with a criminal record, police said.

A bus was pushed onto its side with a gaping hole in its center during the incident on Jaffa Road, a busy thoroughfare. It is not known if the dead were on the bus or not.

Police said the attack was not planned, but they are treating it as a “terrorist incident,” and not an accident. They added they have no motive for the attack.

This video appears to show the end of the attack, and the bulldozer’s driver:

One bystander caught part of the attack with a mobile phone:

The driver of the bulldozer was a Palestinian construction worker:

“The employee of a contractor company working on the street here in Jerusalem directed his bulldozer in the direction of civilian vehicles – a bus and cars that are on the street all the time yelling Allah al-akbar, apparent to us based on things we have experienced in the past,’ said Daniel Seaman, a spokesman for the Israeli government. “This is undeniably a terrorist attack.”

Police say the attacker was a Palestinian who lived in East Jerusalem who held Jerusalem identity papers. Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem have access to Jewish West Jerusalem and carry out nearly all construction work in the city.

In March, another Palestinian from East Jerusalem attacked a Jewish seminary not far from where today’s incident took place, killing eight students.

I guess you have to give them credit. They’re pretty good at finding new and exciting ways to kill for Islam.


  1. Kraw

    I find this being a headline story and people making remarks such as “I guess you have to give them credit. They’re pretty good at finding new and exciting ways to kill for Islam.” to be ironic in the extreme.

    No, I don’t think the driver was killing for Islam rather it seems much more likely that it was a response to the ongoing Israeli terrorism and land theft in the West Bank.

    Considering the number of Palestinians who have seen their homes destroyed by bulldozers, the choice of weapons was clearly a message.

    It is sad that the media does not report the much more frequent attacks by the Israeli government on Palestinians with the anything approaching the same intensity. People need a context for events and the media such as CNN are failing in their duty to provide one.

    Yes, I mourn the victims of this attack just as I mourn the many more victims of Israeli attacks.

  2. Irene

    I am so sick and tired of people making excuses for terrorism/murder. Israel’s victims? Get a grip, study history, get a few facts straight. When someone you know or love gets murdered, remember the killer is just a poor victim of society. Then we’ll talk.

  3. Paul, Miami florida

    Find out who the guy’s family is and kick them out of the country. No excuses for this brutal behavior. Get all Palestinians out of jobs that involve heavy machinery or in a position to cause this kind of evil. And if its found out that it was directed from Gaza, bomb the hell out of them. Enough is enough. Israelis, take back your country from these animals.

  4. Nata

    Strange, i didnt see in other reports that he was yelling anything. Everybody seems to forget that he doesnt seem to fit the profile of a terrorist and he simply may have gotten knocked out behind the wheel due to some health problems. I personally experienced that about a year ago, when my driver had an epilepsy fit behind a wheel, and with me on the back seat started driving around 100km per hour towards huge group of people standing on the road crossing. I thought we are going to kill a lot of people before car smashes into something, but lickely we didnt since people managed to jump out of a way. The car only stopped when we smashed into a building. Who knows may be same thing happened to this guy.

  5. Stephen

    The weapon of choice was more than likely specifically chosen to hi-light the number of times Israelis in bulldozers have leveled Palestinian homes and orchards, even killing those still inside. Yet I see no honest reporting of those terrorist acts.

    The loss of life is tragic, whether that life be Israeli or Palestinian, both are of equal value.

  6. Babar

    @Paul from Miami,
    Hi Paul, it was their country, of the palestinians. Why not to leave those animals in their rotting hell and come back to the european heavens where all the israelis came from?

    And I dont see if the area is totally controlled by the israelis then why this guy is not simply an israeli citizen.

    Remember, this is exactly how Nazi’s made rules about the jews. Label them all in same category, rules not for the convicts but for the whole communities based on race. Disaalowing them jobs and livelihood. When will the world grow up?

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