A very scary episode in Israel:

An IDF soldier was killed Tuesday in the middle of a farewell ceremony held in honor of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in attendance of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and other state dignitaries.

The soldier fell from a vantage point he was occupying on a high building and a bullet misfired from his gun.

According to Israel Radio, the incident happened no more than 200 meters from where Olmert was standing.

Separately, two female soldiers fainted.

Initially, the prime minister’s security personnel withdrew their handguns and rushed Olmert and Sarkozy to the French president’s plane, fearing a terror attack.

Zaka is calling it a suicide:

Israel Radio said the soldier who was shot was stationed 100 metres to 200 metres (yards) away from the plane. Two women soldiers who witnessed the shooting fainted and were treated by medics.

Israel’s volunteer medical service Zaka said the soldier apparently committed suicide.

It’s tragic either way but if it is a suicide at least he had enough sense not to try and take anyone else with him.

The Daily Mail has photos and TimesOnline has video.


  1. israelwipedoff1day

    shame on that bullshit israeli i hope more israeli soldiers die like this, it will be a pleasure to c israel get torn apart, that day is sooon, if china wanted to they could take over all of israel in less than a day without much weapons simply cos of the armys sheer size and clvea tactics

  2. Arthur Borges

    Every time a mother cries, it is a tragedy.
    Nature is about a cycle of life and death, but not about self-destruction, Vincent.

    As for your dreams of a Chinese conquest of Israel… all I can say is wow you’re probably the first person in human history to have thought of that, all members of the Central Military Commission in Beijing included.

    In closing, you might want to ask your mother to fix you up a nice glass of hot milk with honey and give you a tummy rub.

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