The Democrats are staging a faux-meltdown over this totally lighthearted video. The reactions, rounded up by Burnt Orange Report, are hilarious examples of election season drama:

If you don’t want to spend the rest of your evening envisioning John Cornyn in his own personal “Brokeback Mountain,” you may want to skip this video, shown at the state Republican convention. I semi-watched it while covering my eyes and shrieking in horror…

…Imagine John Lithgow as the cowboy character from the Village People, and you’ll have some idea of what Senator Box Turtle looks like here.

Now I believe Cornyn was referencing a period of Texas history where chaps were worn out of necessity and cowpokes weren’t pokin’, well nevermind. Most reasonable people get that, but leave it to the Democrats to bring all of their predictable racial, faith, gender, and sexual-preference based slurs and innuendo to bear over a harmless video. It’s all good as long as they’re bashing Republicans right?


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