An surprisingly poorly run campaign is coming to a close:

“She’ll say the stakes are high in this election and it’s imperative that the party come together behind Obama and to put a Democrat in the White House,” said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to candidly discuss the speech.

Clinton will throw her support behind the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee during an event at noon ET Saturday at the National Building Museum in Washington.

Obama will not attend the event. He will spend Saturday in Chicago, Illinois.

A CNN poll released Friday shows that the party is divided after a primary season that stretched over nearly 18 months and 57 contests.

Sixty percent of Clinton supporters said they would vote for Obama, but 17 percent said they would vote for Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee and Obama’s rival in the general election. Nearly one-quarter, 22 percent, said they would not vote at all if Clinton were not the Democrats’ nominee.

As the race stands today you’d have to shave those heat of the moment McCain favorable percentages by 80% or more to get anywhere near realistic numbers. That’s unless Obama stumbles or the skeltons (crazy preachers) continue to pop out of the closet. I don’t expect Obama to hold up well as the nominee.


  1. Estger

    18 millions can’t be wrong, but Hillary Clinton made a very nice campaign, I am proud of her job because as 18 millions of Americans believe she is the person ready for President in the Democrat party. As Hillary Clinton Supporter, wish to see her AWAY this campaign, not any compromise as VP or any posicion with Sen. Obama issues….Superdelegates decide, “leaders” decide the candidacy, BUT to get General Election without superdelegates help will be a BIG CHALLENGE for Sen. Obama…and 18 millions votes frustrated will be hard, too… good luck!

  2. Yvonne

    For some strange reason I did not feel she was sincere. She failed to discuss the blatant racism that Senator Obama has faced in this campaign from her supporters. She failed to mention anything about McCain and the threat of her supporters voting for him.

    I felt it was still about her and window dressing!

  3. David

    Most of her speech today was pretty good, however many people are just put off by the idea that it is the role
    of government to provide Universal Healthcare.

    It is not the role of government to do so, and that is why I cannot vote for Obama and I would not vote for Hillary.

  4. Betty

    As a Clinton supporter I and many other dems will not support Obama. It takes experience to run the white house and he has zero. Not to mention the friends he has like Wright,and many more.A lot of us will vote for McCain.

  5. Patrick Allen

    Her speech today was very nicely put and well done. She was very dignified and had the right attitude today.

    The problem that I saw is when she remarked that any Democrat would be better than any Republican. I understand that it was still a political speech, but she totally blamed the problems of the last eight years on the Republicans. I think the Republicans are less to blame than Bush and Cheney are specifically at fault. A lot of their policies were not even supported by members of their own party, so to say that Republicans are to blame is to not tell the whole the story.

  6. Pockets

    Congratulations to Hillary for leading the way for Obama to win the White House, I wish her well in her return to the Senate where she will be a staunch supporter of Mr. Obama’s Presidency. She will become as Ted Kennedy has done and that is to carry the torch for the Democrats and work behind the scenes to ensure that the work in the Senate has a strong voice.
    Mr. Obama, now needs to focus on getting a good candidate to assist him in his Presidency for the next 8 years. Kathleen Sebelius would make an excellent VP. She has no history in Washington and would not be considered part of the status quo. Lots of choices for Mr. Obama to make in his running mate and I’m sure his team will come up with a good one.
    Is there any truth to the rumour that a Secret Service agent is planning to write a book about Bill Clinton’s “antic’s” when he is on the road. What about the recent allegations of sexual encouters with Gina Gershon?

    Sorry Bill You are a liar I” did not have sex with that girl” remember
    You were impeached remember
    You have committed adultery remember?
    If anyway has a shot at the title’re getting my vote sir
    Bill Clinton calling Todd Purdum “sleezy”, “dishonest”, “slimy” and “a liar” is really, really funny. I wonder if Bill while shaving and seeing himself in the mirror privately acknowledges these very same “traits” in himself?? As so many of us know, that is how we have long viewed the Clintons.

  7. Fred

    I am a staunch BHO supporter… I love him, and his views.., and the way he blazes his own path and not follow the pressures of others.

    I watched Billary’s speech as it played.., I nearly turned the station though after she droned out “Barak Obama” for the third time in two sentences.., I felt like i was being hypnotized…

    At the end, I was wondering to myself.., for such a tight race as this and a for such a formidable oppenent as Billary was, Why was my hero not on stage for the Endorsement? He was there for the other candidates he beat.. why not her endorsement??

    this leads me to believe that not all is right in Washington or the DNP

  8. TiredoftheBickering

    It’s funny to me people are upset that Obama played golf while Clinton delivered a speech. Please believe he most likely saw each draft of the speech delivered. He could have multi-tasked; LISTENED to the speech and played golf or do whatever needed to be done.

    The funny part, however, is the bigger picture…which I have observed throughout the whole process. Why are we, the public, harping on small issues such as this, and Jeremiah Wright (when no other political candidate has been held responsible for all of their clergy’s comments) one as opposed to discussing what is important?

    What is the best way to make America thrive on the global scale? Have her citizens be able to live in affordable homes and have access to affordable heath care while being active producers in a global economy? How do we participate as citizens on a global scale, building bridges with our neighbors and bringing our brave troops home?

    You cannot NOT commmunicate. If you choose not to vote… you are helping choose whoever wins. They will have you to thank as well as their supporters.

    Obama IS the Democratic nominee… whether you support Obama or not, you will be choosing to embrace his ideals or those of McCain in November. If you believe McCain can heal the wounds inflicted over the past 8 years, please vote your heart. McCain has been very clear on the fact he intends to maintain many policies Bush implemented.

    If you believe otherwise… you have the choice of supporting Obama and holding not just him, but Congress, responsible for the promises made during this election year…

  9. Sam

    The boos and thumbs down of Senator Clintons’ supports are representative of the following she cultivated. She has little respect for others … her efforts were purely made in her own selfish sick need for power and self aggrandizement. The crowds so rudely booing Senator Obama are as selfish and as disinterested in the future of this country as the Clintons. Obama is best served if these folks continued to play in their own sand box and let Americans with some residual of class elect him to office of president.

  10. Hannah Stevens

    To David who says “It is not the role of government to do so, and that is why I cannot vote for Obama and I would not vote for Hillary.”

    If it’s not the role of government, than whose role is it? Private enterprise, market based health care is what we now have and it is not working. It may not be the role of government, but government can do the best job, as an example the health care that all senators have in Washington; the best in the country run by our government. Universal health care will provide for all, you cannot be denied health care, and will keep costs down. It is working in many industrialized nations today.

  11. Betty

    I applaud Senator Clinton for her support of Senator Obama. My heart tells me Senator Clinton is the best candidate for the right kind of change needed in America. I like senator Obama, he is a great orator. I laughed when I saw the Obama’s do the knuckle bump. I could imagime them winking at each other and mouthing, “we fooled them good, didn’t we baby?”

    I took a poll today to see which of the remaining two candidates shared my interests and to my surprise it was McCain.

  12. Justine

    To those who say they voted for Hillary Clinton but will not support Barack Obama because he does not have “experience” to be the leader of the free world (USA), go ahead….stand tall and vote for John McCain. For those of you who voted for Hillary Clinton and are Democrats, yet can’t bring your self to support or vote for Barack Obama….yes…you should not be tied to a party….go ahead…stand tall and vote for John McCain. For those of you who were/are steadfast supporters of Hillary Clinton yet can not bring yourself to vote for Barck Obama, don’t fill sad or think that this is an unfortunate stance which you have to take …. vote for John McCain….stand tall and vote for John McCain.

    Enough is enough. Be proud of your choice of whom to vote for, be proud in November, be proud 4 years from now!

  13. Ares

    Obama repeats mistakes

    Clearly Obama is making a mistake about the trustworthiness of Hillary Clinton. Every thing of her past is counter to what she hopes to project herself today. Obama is repeating his past mistakes over judgment of people. He made a mistake understanding Rev Write when he said “The person I saw yesterday was not the person that I met 20 years ago. ” Obama is doing again trusting Hillary which he will come to regret.

  14. Greg Brooks

    It has been a disgrace how Hilary Clinton has been treated in this race while Obama has been given a pass by the media and Democratic leaders time and again. I will never vote for Obama and am looking forward to signing up as a Democrat for McCain. While the media sees this as a historic occasion with the first black nominated for President, all I see is a man who is ill equipped to head this nation with all of the many problems we face. I’ll be working hard to make sure that does not happen. You would think as a life long Democrat this would be a difficult decision, but having someone like Obama leading this nation is a frightening proposition. And, as far as I can see, the Democratic party made a major mistake by letting independents vote in our primaries. It’s those people who made his nomination possible and REAL Democrats will have to live with the consequences.

    I lived eight years with Bush. I can live four years with McCain. Hilary 2012.

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