It’s amazing to see Democrats, despite decades of pandering, implode when forced to deal with racial issues in a substantive way.


  1. Carl Gordon

    Well, the latest GOPeer crybaby rag fest is playing out, invective hurled plotz-like against imagined sprites and evil conspiracies lurking deep within their under utilized gray matter, but what does it matter? No late night crybaby calls to Dr. Rove, Maharishi Knucklehead, or any number of network bend-over buddies will clear the air from both the fetid stink of their pinhead invective nor the residual stank as a result of eight years of Boosh blunder and criminality. How to avoid four more years of the stupid progeny blunder courtesy of the man with the woman’s head and the curse of Nazi Boosh? No compromise, that’s what it takes. And what it takes is a piss, and all will behold that long, deep sound running down the back side of your local Repug retard (just like the country). As much as any sane thinking person wants to run and hide, it probably bellwethers better for all that we confront further repulsive and immature hormonal assaults that await any 22% rube or dupe stupid enough to buy the GOPeer magic beans or drink the Repug Kool-aid hence. Then we can rest assured, repose in idyllic compassion, apply topper, maliciously dump trash in Crawford, trim the Wax Leaf Privet, program the sprinklers, sprinkle on the nearest remaining conservative, and help the stubborn 22% don the ass hat on Election day. What says you?

    Okay, you’re probably shaking your head, unable to comprehend words and ideas not regularly available in any recent copy of “Tom and Jerry”, so here’s the problem with the current occupant:

    Unsuitable rage or difficulty controlling anger, i.e., repeated displays of annoyance, unvarying resentment, recurring physical battle with real or imagined enemies or “do-badders”.

    Persistent “thoughts” of purposelessness or insignificance.

    A prototype of unbalanced and extreme interpersonal interaction differentiated by alternating betwixt boundaries of glorification and deflation.

    Individuality disorder: distinctly and doggedly unsound self-worth or sense of character.

    Fleeting pressure related paranoid idea formation or relentless dissociative warning signs.

    Sudden urges in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging, i.e., promiscuous sex(not likely), eating disorders(crow), binge eating(Dik Chaney’s B.S.), substance abuse(booze/coke), personal sexual abuse(checked out Laura lately?), reckless driving(‘nuff said), etc..
    Frequent desperate actions, gesticulations, threats, or self-mutilating conduct such as cutting, interfering with curing of scars(the country’s), or picking at oneself.

    Frantic laboring to circumvent authentic or imagined desertion.

    Emotional volatility owing to marked reactivity of disposition, i.e., severe episodic dysphasia(duh), petulance(any time he speaks), or angst, as a rule lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days.

    Hey, I’m only here to help….

  2. Norm Winne

    I am so sick and tired of people like Pfleger telling me I owe somebody something because I had a WHITE insurance policy that I am about ready to scream! And there are millions like me! My family came here to New Amsterdam in 1620 to avoid persecution. Did not have slaves. Fought against tyranny of all kinds. Made peace and lived peacefully with the Indians. We fought and died in the Civil War against slavery. Never made anybody ride in the back of the bus. Been married to the same woman for 50 years. Now today, after working 40 plus years I’m retired and on a fixed income, trying to enjoy the last few years of my life, and I got people like Obama & Co. telling me I gotta reduce my standard of living! Well I’ll tell you bast**ds! I don’t have a million dollar home in a ritzy Chicago suburb and I’m rapidly becomeing a red neck!!! Get off my back and shut to hell up!!!

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