The White House has some pretty awesome photos of the President’s meeting with Rolling Thunder leaders – and a transcript of their remarks:

THE PRESIDENT: It’s been a pleasure of my presidency to get to know the leaders of Rolling Thunder. For our fellow citizens who don’t know Rolling Thunder, Rolling Thunder is the moment in time here in Washington, on Memorial Day Weekend, when thousands of motorcyclers come to the nation’s capital to pay tribute to those who have died in service, to those who sacrificed, and those who serve. And it’s a magnificent sight.

Members of the motorcycle group Rolling Thunder watch President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush land on the South Lawn of the White House from a visit to Camp David. White House photo by Chris Greenberg We just choppered in, Artie, and saw your brothers and sisters cranking up their machines and driving through the nation’s capital — many of them have got the flag on the back. And I am just so honored to welcome you back. I want to thank you and all your comrades for being so patriotic and loving our country as much as you do. I think this is the — I don’t know if this is the eighth time we’ve been together here, but it’s pretty close.

MR. Muller: Pretty close, sir – maybe one more.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, one more. (Laughter.) Anyway, Artie is the main man and this is his board of directors who have continued to rally people around the country. I went to Greensburg, Kansas, Artie, and I came into a town that had been destroyed by a tornado — I was going to give the high school graduation speech, and rode in from the airport and the motorcyclers were all lining the streets with the flags and it made me feel great. When people go to protest at the funeral of one of our brave soldiers that died in combat, Artie’s folks are there to make sure that those protestors don’t denigrate the moment.

So you’re doing a lot for the country.

MR. MULLER: Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: And our troops appreciate you, the veterans appreciate you and your President appreciates you.

MR. MULLER: Thank you, Mr. President.


More on Rolling Thunder here.

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