Republicans hoping for a fractured Democratic party have had their prayers answered. The anger directed at Hillary from within is immense. Just skim the growing list of Democratic Underground forum comments on this issue and you’ll see how badly this has spun out of control. Actually, the comments here are even better:

I’m hurt and I feel like nothing has changed Hllary is an undercover racist who’s true colors have come out. Now that she’s feeling a foot on her neck we can see her real personality scratching and clawing to survive. But to wish the death of Obama is just crazy, I always new that she’d do whatever it takes to win, but I hoped that even she had her limits. I feel that she’s trying to planting the seed in some crazy mind out there.

Wow, those of us who have been watching this race all over the world are deeply surprised and ashamed that many Americans continue to make excuses for Hillary Clinton. She is doing your country a great disservice at a time when all of us desperately need a new kind of politics. She has set the women’s and civil rights movement back a hundred years with her campaign “blunders”. We hope that you all do what the rest of the world is hoping and praying for: elect President Obama

She’s practically wishing death on Obama while insensitively referring to one of the most tragic events in political history as a good reason not to cash in her chips. If there was ever a time for superdelagates to come together and ask her to sit down, it would be now.

As a child my parents always told me they thought LBJ had a part in creating JFK’s death. HRC’s recent comments makes me think back on that viewpoint.

I am appalled! I never thought she would reach this low. I have always respected the Clintons, but that has now changed. I believe she knew exactly what she was saying. This is not the first time she’s made fear-mongering comments. How could she inject the painful, horrible memories of past assassinations into this campaign. This is unforgivable.

I think she is dangerous for our nation and her comments reiterate how dangerous she is by the mere suggestion of drawing images of a leader being assassinated as one of our nation’s biggest tragedies. She is a person who will do ANYTHING to win and ANYTHING to keep on winning. This is apparent. I used to like Sen. Clinton, and during the course of her campaign, I have come to detest her and the politics she attempts to use in order to “win”.

I believe the only thing she is truly sorry about is that someone paid attention to what she was saying and that she couldn’t just come out and say what she meant. “Hey all you white working class men out there who wont vote for Obama. Time is running out. If I’m going to be the candidate, someone better take care of him quickly!”

I was all for Hillary staying in the race until the end of the primaries. But, I see she is just making a horrible mess of it now with the grasping at straws as she sinks deeper and deeper into obscurity. I still cant believe that someone with so much political ‘experience’ would say such a thing. Again, an indication of judgment.

Keep the bloody elections the same across all states and for the primaries – that’s where Obama has gotten his delegates – not from the majority of the people. He doesn’t even know how many states there are – in the US. – 57 – 59….he’s a slick, silver tongued devil and people are going to wake up — hopefully before it’s too late. NO OBAMA!

So Judgemental and Clueless
It would have been disingenuous and inauthentic NOT to have mentioned it in some way. Perhaps it was ‘inartful’ but for god’s sakes anyone with any sense of history understands this. Add to that the fatique of campaigning, going without sleep for 36 hours and you too would be human. get over it.

Hillary is Scary
I believe like one other blogger could this be a signal to one of her white supremacist supporters.

To Obama Supporters, Thank you for cementing the divide that already exists in the Democratic Party. I was already convinced before today that I would not only vote for McCain, but campaign on his behalf if Obama is the Nominee. And by continuing these disgusting attacks on Hillary Clinton today you are convincing many more of Hillary Clinton supporters to join the VOTE MCCAIN OR ABSTAIN camp.

This is a pretty ugly moment in American politics.


  1. Indy Jane

    I am no Hillary supporter, but I do think it is appalling of the lack of respect given to her by the MSM.
    As I watched her comments, my mind did not even go to a possible Obama assassination scenario. I saw her speaking that it is not unusual for campaigns to go to June…very simple and very straight forward.

    I am so sick of racial knee jerk reactions. Sadly, I have often witnessed this chip-on-the-shoulder looking for something that isn’t there, twisting words to expose a non-existent racist agenda or thought. Many Obama supporters, Obama’s wife, and Pastor are just that kind a folk. It turns my stomach…

  2. debi1208

    Please folks we can stop her. I would hate her finger to be on the trigger. She has proved to be totally out of it. She can’t manage her campaign, her husband, or the people working for her. She’s in total denial.
    56yr W/Female from Calif — GO OBAMA, who said he wouldn’t get the older white voter!

  3. Sandra Bacus

    Mrs. Clinton has mentioned Robert Kennedy’s assassination on three separate occasions as a reason for her staying in the race. The first RFK statement was made in Marh. A slip of the tongue doesn’t happen three times. The only resonable inference is she believes she should stay in the race because something might happen to Obama (like being assassinated). Why would Kennedy’s assassination translate to a reason for Clinton to stay in the race? She might have said “RFK won California in June.” No, I believe as other reasonable people in my community believe she meant exactly what she said. Obama might be assassinated and then she could beome the Democratic Presidential candidate.

    I am 61, white, and in the beginning I and several of my friends (while and over 60)were supporting Clinton. The campaign has shown her true personality she has lied about being under fire; many of her statemets are crude and crass and she doesn’t possess the strength of good charater to be in our White House or Senate.

    I sincerely hope that you will continue to report this story. It is of the utmost importance. Discussion of assassination has no place in a politial campaign.

    Mrs. Clinton apologized to the Kennedy’s she never mentioned Obama.

    Keep up the good work MSN.

  4. Katie

    I could carelee about the blind follower’s of Hillary to condone this kind of behavior the Democrats are thrilled to see you go. To stand behind a habitual liar and a race baiter, not to mention someone that is promoting assassination is deporable, she’s sunken to a low that beyond my understanding, this Woman is horrible and has absolutely no place in being the President of the United States. Thank God we’ve found out b4 it was too late!

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