tonykatz Suspicious Incident on USAIR Flight 66?

That seems to be the case if these updates from Tonykatz on Twitter are accurate. The latest status on USAIR flight 66 seems to show a departure delay:

Flight # 66
Depart Los Angeles, CA
Date 4/8/2008
Gate 10
Scheduled 9:10 PM
Actual 9:45 PM
Status Estimated Departure

Arrive Las Vegas, NV
Date 4/8/2008
Gate A22
Scheduled 10:17 PM
Actual 10:50 PM
Status Estimated Arrival

Tony Katz has more to say about this event on his blog and via audio on Utterz.


  1. Tony Katz


    I wrote the Twitters you have posted. Yes, it is very accurate. I have more information at my site and a full post coming about what I witnessed and overheard, as well as how this can and should affect all of us.

    Tony Katz

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