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The Dalai Lama Addresses China’s Cultural Genocide

Tibet’s leader in exile, the Dalai Lama, has continues to point to the inevitable failure that all who rule by force must eventually face.

I am deeply concerned over the situation that has been developing in Tibet following peaceful protests in many parts of Tibet, including Lhasa, in recent days. These protests are a manifestation of the deep-rooted resentment of the Tibetan people under the present governance.

As I have always said, unity and stability under brute force is at best a temporary solution. It is unrealistic to expect unity and stability under such a rule and would therefore not be conducive to finding a peaceful and lasting solution.

I therefore appeal to the Chinese leadership to stop using force and address the long-simmering resentment of the Tibetan people through dialogue with the Tibetan people. I also urge my fellow Tibetans not to resort to violence.

Tibetan Uprising: Lhasa Burns – Dozens Dead

Their situation is nearly hopeless but many Tibetans seem willing to sacrifice themselves to draw attention to their plight and to show the world the brutality of the Chinese government.

The protests, sparked by the anniversary of the failed 1959 uprising that sent Tibet’s Dalai Lama into exile, are the latest embarrassment to hit 2008 Olympic-host China, which has attracted international criticism over its human rights record.

Quoting the Tibetan government, China’s state-run Xinhua news agency said 10 were killed in Lhasa Friday after police blocked a march by monks, sparking the violence.

“The victims are all innocent civilians, and they have been burnt to death,” an official with the regional government told Xinhua.

Tibetan exiles in India meanhwile cited unconfirmed reports that at least 100 people were killed and many more injured.

Video broadcast on China’s CCTV Saturday showed flames and black smoke rising the market, where hundreds of rioters used hands, feet and sledge hammers to break down doors and shatter windows.

One of the targets of their violence was a Bank of China branch. Protesters, including some monks dressed in red robes, could be seen overturning cars and throwing rocks to chase away other people. There was no sign of Chinese police in the video.

The protests in Tibet began Monday when hundreds of monks rallied on the 49th anniversary of a failed uprising against Beijing that forced the Dalai Lama into exile.

Police used gunfire and tear gas to quell the Lhasa protest, according to witnesses, human rights groups and Xinhua.

Demonstrators set fire to vehicles and shops. One source said late Friday that up to a third of the city may be on fire and that power lines had been cut.

Tibetan Uprising has more information, including photos.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre Surfaced as “Kristen” – Eliot Spitzer’s Prostitute

AshleyAlexandraDupre Ashley Alexandra Dupre Surfaced as Kristen   Eliot Spitzers Prostitute

She wants fame – she just got it. The NYT broke the story and surfaced her Myspace page. Don’t pass up the relationship advice in her most recent blog entry:

The past few months have been a roller coaster with so called friends, lovers, and family…but its something you have to deal with and confront in order to move on…

I stepped away from each situation that happened and asked myself…

1) What is this person doing to make my life better? (financial, intel, drive, networking etc.)

2) How does this person make me feel? (happy, sad, motivated, depressed, constantly doubting, drama, etc.)

3) How is this person a positive influence in my life? (do they share the same interests, same dreams, does that person make me better when i am with them, or when they are in my life…i would be the same person if they werent in my life, but its just better with them in it…is my best interest always number one in their head AND heart, etc.)

from all this, i mean…

*Does that person make you feel good?

*Does that person drive you to be better?

*Is that person right there behind you when things arent that good, or even if they are??

*Will that person be an asset to your life…(will that person have value): doesn’t have to be financial, i am talking respect, courage, and umm RESPECT.

Oh, and does that person have $4300 in cash? Can’t forget that one.