Jim Ogonowski does the viral/web thing right with his clever, low-budget, everyman approach. I don’t know if it will be enough to challenge Kerry but Ogonowski has a few other things going for him:

For the past 28 years, Jim Ogonowski served in the Air Force and Air National Guard. When the Air Force transferred its Tanker Task Force Mission, a global air refueling mission, to the Air National Guard in 1995, Jim readily accepted the leadership role as the Commander, responsible for planning, coordinating and executing the transatlantic movement of Air Combat Command fighter aircraft into and out of all of Southwest Asia and Europe. This role became increasingly mission-critical during operations following September 11, 2001.

Through Jim’s leadership, the office became the role model of the air command’s rapid response team. His outstanding performance led to his promotion to lieutenant colonel in 2000, as he deployed to virtually every corner of the globe during peacetime and war. In 2005, Jim was one of the organizers of the largest airlift in New Hampshire National Guard history, deploying 1,000 soldiers and airmen to provide relief during Hurricane Katrina. Upon his retirement, Jim was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his outstanding service to his country, marking the third time he received this prestigious award.

Service to country has been an Ogonowski family tradition. Jim’s two grandfathers were in the military. All his uncles, his father, brother and sister all served in the service. Jim’s son Charlie, a junior at UMASS – Lowell, is in ROTC and he too will one day be a military officer.

Jim Ogonowski believes that Washington has become too big, too corrupt and too partisan. Washington is broken and that the time has come to end the partisanship that is hurting our nation. Jim wants to return the government to the people. It is time we send someone to Washington who will stand up to the Washington insiders and special interests. Jim Ogonowski wants to go Washington to work with BOTH Republicans and Democrats to fix the mess, bring new ideas to the table, and make helping Massachusetts his top priority.

Jim has two children, Charlie and Catherine, and lives in Dracut, Massachusetts with his wife Kathy.

I should also add:

1. He’s not John Kerry (big plus)
2. He looks sort of like William Shatner
3. He has a sense of humor (This is really #1a)
4. He’s a Republican
5. After his brother, pilot John Ogonowski, was killed on 9/11 Jim worked his farm and helped the family save it.

There’s more at JimOgonowski.com. Send him a few bucks while you’re there. He’ll need a ton of money to challenge Kerry.

(H/T: TechRepublican.com)

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