Mayor Carty Finkbeiner sent Alpha Co. packing despite the obvious importance of wartime training and the objections of his Police Chief Jack Smith:

“He told me he did not want them, as he put it, ‘playing war in Toledo,’” Smith said of the 2006 training session. “I told him, as a former Marine, that if one young Marine’s life is saved because of training he or she received in Toledo, Ohio, then it was worth the inconvenience.”

City council isn’t pleased with the Mayor either:

Several city council members today said they would look into reimbursing the Marines for money lost due to the last minute cancellation. They also demanded that Finkbeiner apologize to the Marines on the city’s behalf.

You can contact Carty Finkbeiner (WTF is up with that name anyway?) at


  1. Layne Buck

    I am a veteran, I am a Conservative, I served honorably from 91-96 while Clinton was the “CIC”. I joined out of a sense of duty, and to protect and defend the Constitution. I praise the mayor for doing what he thought was right. I am not particuarly oprimistic about what the “end game” is when the military is conducting urban warfare training in American cities. Patriotic Americans need to be vigilant against an incremental creep towards martial law.

    On a side note, why is his name substantive in any shape, form or fashion?

  2. mouthbreather

    The Mayor said in a state of the city speech today “If anyone thinks that I don’t love this country or I don’t love the military then they’re a bunch of BABOONS!”

    HEY! Mr. Mayor!

    OH! OH! AH! AH! OH! OH! AH! AH!

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