It’s the economy, stupid:

In a state suffering from the highest unemployment rate in the nation, voters turned to the businessman-turned-politician who pledged to help turn their economy around.

Not surprisingly, the economy was by far the most important issue to Michigan voters. For Romney’s chief competitor in the Michigan primary, John McCain, that was bad news. Only three in 10 voters who cited economic concerns as their top priority gave their votes to McCain; almost four in 10 went for Romney.

Mitt now clearly leads the delegate race:

Romney: 42
Huckabee: 21
McCain: 19
Thompson: 6
Paul: 2
Giuliani: 1

I’d still call this a four-way race, at least until Super Tuesday. Sadly, Thompson isn’t connecting outside of the conservative base. Ron Paul’s tinfoil hat brigade is great at gaming online polls but polls do not award delegates. The delegate count also looks pretty bad for Giuliani but his Super Tuesday strategy could still transform the race. It’s not looking like a particularly great move however:

His best bet was to hope the early going failed to reveal any front-runner and that he could gallop up the middle between the other contenders.

It could still happen, but he’s dropped a long way already. Some polls put him well ahead of all other Republicans in nationwide polling last year. A Sunday poll released by Washington Post-ABC News had him in fourth place with just 15 per cent national support, behind John McCain’s 28 per cent, Mike Huckabee’s 20 per cent and behind Mitt Romney’s 19 per cent.

The news isn’t a lot better in Florida. A Quinnipiac poll released on the weekend shows McCain has the lead with 22 per cent, with Giuliani and Romney at 20 per cent and Huckabee at 19 per cent. He’s still in the hunt, but he’s headed in the wrong direction. A poll taken Dec. 20 had Giuliani at 27 per cent and McCain at just 15 per cent.

Said one New York Democrat: “Either Rudy is a genius and is about to deny half a century of conventional political wisdom, or he has run the most stupid presidential campaign in history.”

Rudy still has faith:

“It’s clear after tonight that while the race remains fluid and competitive, our strategy remains on track,” Tony Carbonetti, a senior adviser to Mr. Giuiani, said in a statement.


  1. Elc0chin0

    The media has us all fooled to think that maybe, just maybe a democrat might take the whitehouse and maybe just maybe make some change. The republicans appear to be misguided and misaligned but what could this be just a teaser. Something to get rating?

    Let’s look at the real results…

    In all three dog and pony shows the media refers to as primaries or whatever, the democrats clearly won the popular votes, but we all know the electoral college elects the the next whitehouse squatter. And what are the electoral votes based on? Well delegates you fools.

    If you look at the numbers the democrats are trailing the republican counter parts by at least 11 delegates which means no matter what the populace wants as president the current party favor is the current status quo of corporate concern.

    Boy are we a bunch of fools!

  2. John

    “Ron Paul’s tinfoil hat brigade”

    Man, you are a sad fool. I support Ron Paul. I don’t wear a tinfoil hat. You think Romney can beat Obama or Hillary. You are smoking crack. The next President will be a Democrat because of people like you pushing the party line. The only Republican that can beat Hillary or Obama is Ron Paul and you keep pushing the preachers and mormons who will never beat the DNC establishment candidates. Hey, your wars will go on under Hillary and Blackwater and Dyncorp will keep on truckin’. I feel sorry for this country. Bye bye U.S. Constitution….

  3. Demonweed

    I wanted to call dibs on the phrase “Ron Paul’s tinfoil hat brigade” after seeing the crazy responses a serious analysis of the Federal Reserve banking system generated in a comment I made on Reddit. Alas, I am over two years too late to be the one coining that phrase. I just wanted to tip my hat by way of commenting on the clever use of language here. It amazes me that so many of his followers are adept at using the Internet, yet unable to muster even a basic grasp on history or economics. Even though I could be described left-libertarian myself, I don’t think there could ever be enough rhetorical marginalization of such a kooky and dangerous bunch of ideologues.

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