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Video: Rudy Giuliani on Pakistan

Rudy isn’t saying much in the video. His position is accurate enough but certainly not insightful. Thankfully, other statements made on the campaign trail contain more substance:

Campaigning across Florida on Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani seized on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto as evidence that terrorism remains a central threat and that he is poised to combat it.

Giuliani said, if elected, he would increase U.S. military presence along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, where terrorists harbor.

“From the outside, the most immediate thing that we could do is to make sure that we have the correct level of military forces in Afghanistan,” he said.

Giuliani said he would also increase the size of the U.S. military, adding 10 more combat brigades to the Army and expanding the Marine Corps from 185,000 to 200,000.

Ultimately, al Qaeda’s safe haven will have to be addressed and Rudy knows that Afghanistan is the foundation for further action.

Sunroof Lever Reportedly Fractured Benazir Bhutto’s Skull as She Ducked

There are a number of conflicting reports out there. The most recent one being the most surprising:

Pakistan’s interior ministry said Friday that Benazir Bhutto died from hitting her vehicle’s sunroof when she tried to duck after a suicide attack, and that no bullet or shrapnel was found in her.

Ministry spokesman Brigadier Javed Cheema said the opposition leader had died from a head wound she sustained when she smashed against the sunroof’s lever as she tried to shelter inside the car.

“The lever struck near her right ear and fractured her skull,” Cheema said. “There was no bullet or metal shrapnel found in the injury.”

I’m not sure that these details are relevant. However, I suppose that won’t stop the media from convening panels that toss around her decision to wave from the sunroof while ignoring the Islamic fundamentalists who initiated the barbaric attack.

Update 1:00 PM CST:
Now Farooq Naik, Bhutto’s lawyer, calls the sunroof story a lie:

“It is baseless. It is a pack of lies,” he said.

“Two bullets hit her, one in the abdomen and one in the head. It was a serious security lapse.”

None of this matters much in the end. It’s all just fodder for conspiracy theorists. I won’t be surprised when I receive email from Ron Paul supporters claiming that she was actually assassinated by a zombie sasquatch assassin sent by a secret CIA mind control program operating out of a subterranean base which was joint financed by the Zionist-controlled Federal Reserve and space aliens.

Update 11:40 AM CST:
CNN is confirming the sunroof lever story.

Ron Paul Blames America for Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination

There isn’t a single rational statement made by this fruitcake during his Fox News appearance. The naivete on display here is just shocking. Ron wants America to curl up in a ball and ignore the Islamic threat:

“They have to deal with it. It’s their country not our country…The sooner we do less the better it is for them and for us.”

That is perhaps the most dangerous position a leader could take in the face of the global radical Islamic threat. Thank god this man is not a serious candidate.

Also Fruitcake Blogging:

Sword At the Ready
Okay – at what point will Americans wake up and realise this guy is a complete embarrassment to the country and the Republican Party?? Even the Democrats had more sense in their comments today!

The Astute Bloggers
It is well past high time that certain misguided Americans wake the hell up and drop their love affair with the sleazy and clueless Huckabee and/or the vapid Mr. Paul, and to get behind a Republican with experience, a sober understanding of world events, and the strength and will to pro-actively protect this country from the very Islamists who killed Ms. Bhutto today.

GOP Vixen
Already, Ron Paul is on Fox, whining that this means we should keep our noses out of Pakistan as well as every other country — that nuclear arsenal that could fall into the hands of Islamists, Ron, would definitely not stop at Pakistan’s borders, nor does the tug-of-war between moderates and extremists.

Hot Air
But in Ron Paul’s world, all problems are the result of the US taking action. Any action. Anywhere. Against anyone, doing anything. In the case of Pakistan, he says we should cut off aid to our “puppet” in Pakistan and make sure not to march in there with troops. There is, of course, at most a neglible possibility that we’ll send troops into Pakistan to do anything beyond taking on al Qaeda or securing the nukes. India might, but even that’s highly unlikely. And never mind that Pakistan’s history with democracy is sketchy, to say the least. Should we not have attempted to work with Musharraf against al Qaeda, Patriot Paul? Paul also tosses out the canard that we supported Osama bin Laden. Someone really needs to disabuse him of that notion one of these days. Someone should bone him up on the history of al Qaeda as well. It didn’t form because we support Musharraf, as Paul seems to think.