The exact cause of death seems to still be in question but the shooter/bomber can be seen in this video. I love how her security detail immediately seeks cover instead of working to protect Bhutto. Lives might have been saved, including their own, if they’d pounced on the gunman instead of ducking.


  1. The Real Sporer

    If this event doesn’t prove the need to annihilate the Islamic terrorists and the nations that harbor them and allow their ilk to teach the hatred of the west and the modern world then I suppose its going to take an act of nuclear terrorism.

    Time to get off the dime and get about the business of winning the larger Wot.


    I think it’s time to be as brutal and deadly as the terrorists . They kill and torture innocent children and people and their family members . We should start going after and destroying their families and relatives …. just as they do . Let them be put on notice … ” your families will be punished the same way you do to the innocent of world ! “

  3. Bunder

    americans must die. nuclear terrorism is a good idea. like the americans did to japan. you are all scared of death you coward pigs. i would love to slaughter your children while you watch.

  4. sidekick

    Nothing is sure as yet who is behind it, it may be a political killing or Extremists or may be some hidden outside hand who want to destabilize the country! , Now about the being brutal and deadly in response to so called “Terrorist” or Extremists or whatever! More than 600000 Peoples are already brutally murdered in Iraq since war how many blood you want? Just image if 600000 people would have died in US what would be the scenario?
    About assassination, which US based extremists/ Terrorist group was involved when the Kennedy the leader of U.S. was assassinated?
    Don’t fall what media is feeding you do your own research!!

  5. guest

    wow bunder, i hope someone tracks your IP address/ Mac address down and locks you up forever, because you sound like the kind of people that are bringing down the muslim name all over the world.

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