There isn’t a single rational statement made by this fruitcake during his Fox News appearance. The naivete on display here is just shocking. Ron wants America to curl up in a ball and ignore the Islamic threat:

“They have to deal with it. It’s their country not our country…The sooner we do less the better it is for them and for us.”

That is perhaps the most dangerous position a leader could take in the face of the global radical Islamic threat. Thank god this man is not a serious candidate.

Also Fruitcake Blogging:

Sword At the Ready
Okay – at what point will Americans wake up and realise this guy is a complete embarrassment to the country and the Republican Party?? Even the Democrats had more sense in their comments today!

The Astute Bloggers
It is well past high time that certain misguided Americans wake the hell up and drop their love affair with the sleazy and clueless Huckabee and/or the vapid Mr. Paul, and to get behind a Republican with experience, a sober understanding of world events, and the strength and will to pro-actively protect this country from the very Islamists who killed Ms. Bhutto today.

GOP Vixen
Already, Ron Paul is on Fox, whining that this means we should keep our noses out of Pakistan as well as every other country — that nuclear arsenal that could fall into the hands of Islamists, Ron, would definitely not stop at Pakistan’s borders, nor does the tug-of-war between moderates and extremists.

Hot Air
But in Ron Paul’s world, all problems are the result of the US taking action. Any action. Anywhere. Against anyone, doing anything. In the case of Pakistan, he says we should cut off aid to our “puppet” in Pakistan and make sure not to march in there with troops. There is, of course, at most a neglible possibility that we’ll send troops into Pakistan to do anything beyond taking on al Qaeda or securing the nukes. India might, but even that’s highly unlikely. And never mind that Pakistan’s history with democracy is sketchy, to say the least. Should we not have attempted to work with Musharraf against al Qaeda, Patriot Paul? Paul also tosses out the canard that we supported Osama bin Laden. Someone really needs to disabuse him of that notion one of these days. Someone should bone him up on the history of al Qaeda as well. It didn’t form because we support Musharraf, as Paul seems to think.


  1. sheri cummins

    Only problem is that Ron is right. US has a disastorous policy that looks at only the next 4 or 8 years. They supported Mujahideen (arabic for people who fight jihad) and islamic military dictator in 80′s because the short term interest was destroying communism. Pakistan became a nuclear power in the 80′s while US was focused on only one thing – communism. There is NO WAY US can destroy al-qaeda and muslims extremists. Only muslims can do that. And for that to happen US needs to stay out because one thing is a fact – both extremists and moderates hate US intervention. I am a democrat but Ron Paul is right on. You don’t see it because you can’t take criticism – typical republican failing

  2. truthseeker

    Dr. Paul’s comments make the most sense of any candidate.

    How can anyone in the U.S. support sending our taxdollars (remember we are broke and the biggest debtor nation in the world) to a Pakistani military dictator who is puppet of the U.S.?

    And where do we think bin Laden is hiding ? oh yeh Pakistan.

    Could we screw this up any worse than we are doing ow?
    It is time for a Doctor to come in and clean up the mess the frat boys made.

    How many decades will it take for Bush to get bin Laden?

  3. Alexia for Ron Paul

    Actually, Paul blamed the dead suicide bomber for Benazir Bhutto’s assination.

    Beats the hell out of the other politicians who think we need to go get involved in Pakistani civil war.

  4. Stephen

    So your saying our troops being there now is doing so great? Don’t you people study history? Turn off the TV and read. Google Ron Paul for starters and you’ll see thru the BS they show you on TV.


  5. C. Baker

    Much of what Dr. Paul said in that interview was not even heard by the writer of this article. #1 He said the US had “Zero”..responsibility for Bhutto’s death, and he certainly disagreed with the writer’s statement that we should not have worked with Musharraf to get rid of al Qaeda. He also mentioned that if we do not have the money to continue our “war-mongering” (my quotes) we can not do it. Sometimes even a country has to realize their budget. He said it would be bad to print up worthless paper, borrow money from China, or spend Americans money which we paid for things like roads and infostructure. Please understand that Dr. Paul has written books and is a very knowledgeable man, and has strong reasons for his “never-waffling” positions.

  6. John

    Think for yourself brother. Question authority. I’m a veteran and I’m voting for Ron Paul. Calling him a fruitcake is pretty stupid. How about an intelligent reason why you think I should vote for a different candidate? War is a racket. Major General Smedley Butler thought so, and so do I. I support the troops, but they shouldn’t be there. Have you read the United States Constitution lately? Republicans are crooks and Democrats are crooks. Republicans should be proud of someone like Ron Paul gracing their party with his presidential run!

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