It’s safe to say that John Lorenz won’t be getting a ride on the Ron Paul blimp:

I can’t think of anything more annoying than the gravitas of the Ron Paul supporters (heirs to the Swiftboating shills of the 2004 election). These fuzz-heads Google Ron Paul’s name three times a day (this will help them find my piece: ‘Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul’) and they’ll comment on every web site that mentions him. If what is said is critical (they see it as derogatory) they will instantly become venomous and launch ad hominem attacks on the writer: kind of like what neo-cons did not that far back to ‘libs’ and John Kerry supporters. They go to every Internet presidential poll and vote for him repeatedly and then insist that America is madly in love with the man, because he won a poll they rigged by mobbing it.

Lorenz might not get too hammered with the Paulies scrambling to spin Ron Paul’s bizarre defense of earmarks – as long as they’re his own:

“I put them in because I represent people who are asking for some of their money back,” said Paul, who likened it to taking a tax credit. “I’m against the tax system, but I take all my tax credits. I want to get their money back for the people.”

The Daily Background has video of Ron Paul spinning like a top.

James Joyner lays out crazy bait with Ron Paul Loves Earmarks.


  1. Freedom2Learn

    The sad part about the writing here is that you actually think you understand how the tax and spend process works. You see, an earmark is money already collected and budgeted to be spent. So, the earmark is sent in…and voted against. You guys should really do some reading before making such stupid comments about something you have no idea about.

  2. Forensicator

    Right. But if you actually watched the interview, you’ll see that Ron Paul himself actually says that earmarks are bad. He says this about ten seconds before he admits that he frequently puts them in for his own district.

    I’ll say for the record here that I do not believe that most Ron Paul supporters are crazy. I understand where they’re coming from, especially when all they hear is that they get grouped with lunatics. Wouldn’t you respond with some defiance if people said everybody who supported your candidate was a nut? I do think that the nuts will be drawn to Dr. Paul. They gravitate to the candidates who are different. And I do think there are Paul looneys out there who are looking to fix the polls, etc. but before we make the claim that it’s a vast, unified conspiracy, let’s approach this with reason and weigh Dr. Paul on his own merits.

    That said, I think that Dr. Paul is far too naive. In the same interview, he says we’ve got to pull our troops out of Korea, something which reflects a complete inadequacy to handle foreign policy. That’s why I’m not voting for him. Nevertheless, most of his supporters are legitimate people who I’ve had the honor of knowing for many years. Please don’t make the mistake of equating them all to the few who do injustices in this world.

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