The whole case is crazy but there is a tinyl silver lining here. The sentence could have been far worse:

A Sudanese court found a British teacher guilty of insulting religion and sentenced her to 15 days in prison Thursday for allowing a teddy bear to be named “Mohammed,” British authorities and her lawyer reported.

Gillian Gibbons also faces deportation from Sudan after her prison term, her lawyer told CNN.

I think she’ll view welcome deportation after the treatment she’s received.


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  2. DeathByMachine

    It certainly beats 40 lashes and a year in prison. It’s disappointing though that someone who is voluntarily in their backwards country to help their children have a better future gets treated this way though. On the other hand anyone who volunteers to go to a country where you can be beaten and jailed for naming a teddy bear has to be a little crazy.

  3. Bennie Visher III

    After reading about British teacher Gillian Gibbons and her Sudanese students naming a teddy bear Mohammad, I have some other names to consider for Sudan’s most famous teddy bear: Mohammed, Muhammad, Muhammed, Mohamed, Muhamed, Big Baby Jesus, Buddha, Teddy Roosevelt, Chicago Bear, Father Abraham, and Israel Rabinowitz.

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