A friend just asked me if I’d seen Ron Paul’s awesome performance in ABC’s post-debate poll. Sigh.

Look, Ron Paul isn’t kicking ass in real life. He has this band of no-lifers who sit coiled and waiting to spring on any poll that includes a Ron Paul option. Yes the Ron Paul Effect is clearly evident on the ABC poll but it’s meaningless. He isn’t running a campaign that matters, he isn’t winning debates, and he isn’t getting anywhere near the White House – ever.

So I was wrong. Ron Paul won something!


  1. TC

    are you kidding….the reality of the imminent trouble America is in financially, politically, and internationally!!!! If you only knew………… you would wipe your a** with that dollar because you would realize 5 or so sheets of charmin are actually now more valuable. I would ask YOU to do more research, unless, sigh; nevermind you probably do deserve.

  2. L.. Step

    “No-lifers”? Yes, like some guys I knew who died in Korea over a half-century ago. That wasn’t a “war” it was a “Police Action”… ah, big difference. And Ron Paul wants our troops out of Korea? You mean, only a bit more than a half-century there? What! Why who else can protect Japan so that they can make our TV sets and cars? Why the poor fellows hardly have any defense budget at all — so we take care of that for them. Tell you what. I don’t give a damn if no one votes for Ron Paul besides myself. Rather one vote for a good cause than millions for some corporate owned war shill. If the people of the United States are convinced to keep on spilling their blood and treasure into that religious cesspool in and around Israel — well, I can’t stop them. They will eventually drown in it.

  3. Ken

    I guess the united states Army, Navy, and Natl. Guard are also “no-lifers”, considering their Ron Paul’s top 3 supporters…. In fact, the military has more money and individuals going for paul than any other republican, COMBINED, even back when romney and 9/11 were still running. I wanna know what part of Ron Paul’s platform you dont agree with, because i have yet to find something I disagree with, and alot of things that hes been speaking about, like abolishing the federal reserve, have been things ive researched and strongly disagreed with even years before i knew who Ron Paul was. This man is brilliant and deserves AT LEAST respect, if not your support. This is in stark contrast to politicians like hillary clinton, that run because they wanna be president, and are known, proven, with money trail and all, that they LOVE to get money from lobbyists, corporations, and the like. Can we even afford a democratic president? (500 billion dollar budget!?!?) Can we afford to be at war with everyone that disagrees with us? (9 trillion dollar debt anyone??!) I dont think we can..

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