This absolutely brilliant video is the work of Mike Kaminski.


  1. John Wilson

    Mike Kaminski,

    Congradulations on a well made video!

    I always was a fan of General Patton and I believe if he was able to he would scare the bejesus out of the left wing and its supporters.

    Thanks Mike, I am going to pass this on to as many friends as I can in this year.


    John Wilson

  2. Peter

    Glad to see that you believe the Iraq war is so similar to WWII. Saddam was definitely on the march to take over the world. I bet if we hadn’t gone into Iraq, we’d all be speaking Arabic now! It’s time to wake up, sir, and realize that the world has changed. Good luck being the party of fear and propaganda in the fall.

  3. Tim lemieux

    Speaking as a fellow disabled VET with 13 years active duty (USAF aircraft technicin/found love) I also understand how disruptive helping others can be to your whole life,(people dedication) He’s got my vote anyway, but out of a large family I only have one sister, the rest are guys, that truely gets me and she sent me the video, only to find out that it had been discontinued, so I read the comments, and I would just love to see it.
    P.S.Not that it really matters, but my brothers all went into the military (7 of us kids all together), all diffrent ways but I think we all realized that we could find alot more brothers in the military. I was also lucky enough to be born on the 4th of july, and every one knows it when I say …God Bless America, and Godspeed Amen… Top that clinton…oh yeah you can’t
    My question has always been how much did they have to pay for security clearances for the people they had to hire to remove the super glue from the phones when the clintons left office the first time. It’s like half the country is stupid until you look at and ask yourself. Did Bill just swindle the taxpayer again into saying
    “no let me get it again” no wonder we were so desperate the first time and hired George, here’s a dollar buy a clue for what ever it’s worth…it could’ve been worse.

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