Ya Libnan
We were in a cafe next to Luna Park enjoying the late afternoon next to the sea after an intense day. Children were playing on the equipment under the setting sun. Mothers were holding their babies. Old men were smoking argile. BOOM!!! Everyone hit the floor, except the group of European tourists who just looked surprised. Waiters dived under the tables. Mother grabbed their crying babies. Human flesh landed in the children’s play area.

The Daily Star
Wednesday’s attack was part of a campaign being carried out by Damascus to change the balance of power in the Lebanese Parliament, Telecommunications Minister Marwan Hamadeh said. “It is the same serial killer who wants to liquidate the parliamentary majority; it is a physical liquidation by the Syrian regime,” he said. Another member of the anti-Syrian camp, former President Amin Gemayel, described Eido’s assassination as having been “part of the criminal attacks that have targeted leaders and personalities of the ‘Cedar Revolution’” that ended Syrian domination in Lebanon. “This crime will not deter us … and what happens today highlights the importance of the international tribunal,” said Gemayel, father of the industry minister slain in November.

The March 14 alliance has blamed the Gemayel assassination on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. Syria has denied the charge. The alliance says Syrian intelligence agents are out to assassinate majority MPs to prevent the bloc from electing an anti-Syrian president succeeding Lahoud. Lahoud’s term was extended for three years in Sept. 2004 by a Syrian-orchestrated constitutional amendment. The majority blames Syria for a series of assassinations targeting Lebanese politicians, beginning with the powerful blast that killed ex-Premier Rafik Hariri on Feb. 14, 2005. Also killed were MP Gebran Tueni, MP Bassel Fleihan, Journalist Samir Qassir and former Communist Party leader George Hawi.

Now Lebanon
“Mothers started grabbing their children, and gathering in groups to decide what to do,” added his companion, Kristen. “It was such a beautiful day … I heard they found body parts in our café.”

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