You can’t silence bloggers. In attempting to do so you’re just ensuring that their message will be picked up by others you can’t control. The voices you seek to silence will just multiply.

Fiji’s military has blocked access to several Web sites that contained damaging allegations against the army and members of the interim government, a senior officer said Friday.

Fiji Land Force Commander Col. Pita Driti said access was cut Thursday to the Web journals, or blogs, which he said were full of lies and a threat to national security.

The military-led government imposed a state of emergency on the South Pacific nation on Dec. 6 — the day after armed forces Commodore Frank Bainimarama seized power in a bloodless coup, sacking the democratic government. It was Fiji’s fourth coup in 20 years.

ResistFranksCoup is one of the targeted blogs:

Heads up people….FINTEL has been adviced by the military to block our sites in no uncertain terms. I think we should take preemptive action now, and consider migrating your blog to another host. The blocking (I’m told) will be based on IP address blocking. I think the reason for this is the lasaituba stories you guys at RFC post…LOL…the guys must be getting a good hiding at their homes.

Fiji Coup Name and Shame List is another targeted blog. It’s easy to see why the military isn’t exactly in love with them:

We have just discovered the arse, I mean black holes where our tax dollars have been disappearing to.

And to bloggers, thanks for the photos, keep them coming. Email:

Please note the new shame list outing the soldiers that the authorities won’t prosecute for murder so we have decided to shame them for the world to see. seems to be a good resource for those wanting to track this story.

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