It’s unfortunate that a rapid expansion wasn’t initiated in 2001 or early 2002 but at least something is happening:

The Army’s new chief of staff said he wants to accelerate by two years a plan to increase the nation’s active-duty soldiers by 65,000.

The Army has set 2012 as its target date for a force expansion to 547,000 troops, but Gen. George Casey said he told his staff to have the soldiers ready earlier.

“I said that’s too long. Go back and tell me what it would take to get it done faster,” he said in an interview Saturday with The Associated Press during a stop in Hawaii.


  1. Mike

    Why aren’t you signing up to serve if you’re so certain it’s the right thing to do?

    Iraqis are about to get robbed of their own oil. It’s a crime what the uninformed in the U.S. have let the oil companies and their paid politicians do, in all of our names.

    Exxon’s profits are through the roof, I just paid $3.29 a gallon at the pump, and summer is still a ways away. It’s raining here for about a week, first time in recorded history that it’s rained in April or May here. All this excess carbon is changing the climate, which is going to cause mass population migration. Do you like to eat? That’s going to be difficult soon, with food shortages everywhere.

    What’s it going to take to get you people on board?

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