When your business is tanking because you’re producing crap and failed to embrace an obvious technological revolution you can either take a good look in the mirror and start fixing things or sue your customers. The RIAA chose to sue their customers, and their customer’s parents, and their customer’s children, and even their customer’s grandparents. These people will sue the family pet if they can find a paw print on the keyboard. Hell, they’ll even sue you if you’re dead. I guess it isn’t surprising that they’re going after college students:

Another round of threatening letters is on its way to suspected music pirates at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with 19 more students accused of illegally downloading music, the university said Friday.

It’s the third batch of students targeted at the university, bringing the total number to 80.

The Recording Industry Association of America filed “John Doe” lawsuits against five UNL students last week, alleging copyright infringement. Those five students have not been identified, and university lawyer John Wiltse told Nebraska regents at their Friday meeting that the alleged violators will not be identified unless the recording industry obtains a subpoena.

Otherwise, the process is fairly anonymous. The recording industry group’s letters are sent to the university, asking officials to pass them along to alleged offenders.

The thing to do, if you’re not a fan of these tactics, is to hold on to your money or at least spend it wisely. I’m a big fan of companies like Magnatune and eMusic which have looked for creative solutions and developed business models that are both artist and consumer friendly.

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