Hit TJ’s Anti-Contrarian Blog interviews SFC Thomas Nichols:

Here’s something I would do if I were king for a day: I’d make myself the official blogger for MNCI. I’d travel around the theater of operations and interview troops and observe first hand all the things we are doing and report on them with a military man’s eye for detail. Would it all be good news? Not if I could blog the way I want to. I want to tell the story of Iraq as it is, not as I want it to be. It would mostly be good news, though, because that is what is mostly going on: infrastructure projects, new schools and medical clinics, humanitarian programs, security operations, etc. If I could go home for a couple of weeks every four months or so, this would be my dream job and I’d like to think I’d do a great service to the Army and MNCI. Press releases are great and all, but that’s old school. Blogging is the new media and we (the military) need to get our message out in the blogosphere as well as the traditional media venues.


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