Coulter knows how to get attention when she wants it. Britney and Paris are the only women who consistently do it better. Obviouslly, she’s going to have to shave something and/or release a sex tape if she really wants to take it to the next level. Dont laugh. It could happen.

She doesn’t really do the conservative movement any favors with her somewhat clever twist on grade-school humor. But then are there any conservatives doing anything that actually advances the cause these days?


  1. Zach Knoblett

    i wouldn’t say “F*uck that bitch* there are plenty of lefty people out there that make ridiculous statements all the time about the Bush Admin. and the WOT, etc. I dont think it would take very long to complile a list of leftist commentators and authors and compare that to the number right-wing commentators and/or authors and see that the right-wing is outnumbered easily 3-to-1, or more. Although i dont think Ann really does any good for her cause though by saying what she did/does. I hate to hear lefty’s get upset about coulter. What are they whining about? They’ve got people like Moore, Clooney, Letterman, Leno, Stewart, just to name a few major players in the left-media that trys to ensure the movement of the Left agenda.

  2. Harold J Macek

    This woman is starting to make me hate all republicans..not, that i ever liked any before..but, not liking, and hating is a step backward..Republicans are people after is just that they are just too money hungry..with them, the bottom line means more to them than thier country..Being money huingry is a lot like being a drug addict..

  3. Christopher J.

    I am ROFL with all the commentary coming from the right about the LIBERAL left. Before any republican gets up in the morning, he/she should reflect on how their party lied to the American public about WMD’s, has lied about outing an undercover CIA agent, lied about the co$t of the Iraq war, has lied to us about the links between Iraq and Al Qaeda, lied to the American public about even having a clue as to what our chances or mission success is in Iraq. When Republicans can come clean to us about all this, then we can have a realistic conversation about our future.

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