obama08 Barack Obama is Running for President in 2008

That’s a screenshot of the announcement that is streaming on his site now. You can watch live video at BarackObama.com. I guess Oprah got shafted.


  1. SemperRick

    Zero experience except urban decay in Chicago. I don’t find him charismatic or sensible. We need someone who will guarantee our safety, keep on the terrorists and provide the troops with whatever they need to complete any or all missions. We are in this for the long run folks. There are a lot of people in this world who despise our USA. And screw the apologists on the left who think we are such a terrible country, yet they drive SUV’s and have their nice redwood decks, or dabble in oil and coal. Hypocrits to the worst degree. No Al Gore, I will not drop any names….I promise.

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