But that doesn’t stop reporters from peeking in the family’s windows:

Nowak’s family is declining media interviews but released a statement from their home in Rockville, Maryland.

“Lisa is an extremely caring and dedicated mother to her three children. She has been married for 19 years, although she and her husband had separated a few weeks ago,” the statement said.

“Considering both her personal and professional life, these alleged events are completely out of character and have come as a tremendous shock to our family,” the statement said.

“We hope that the public will keep an open mind about what the facts will eventually show and that the legal system will be allowed to run its course.”

The Associated Press reported that there had been signs of problems before Nowak’s arrest. In November, police were called to Nowak’s Houston-area home after a neighbor reported hearing the sounds of dishes being thrown inside, AP reported.

Her husband works at NASA Mission Control. They have a teenage son and young twin daughters.

AP reported there were no lights on at the brick, two-story Nowak home on Tuesday. Newspapers and mail sat on the dining room table, and toys were scattered on the floor, AP said. Nowak’s husband could not be reached, AP reported.

She’s back in Houston. I guess the media will be spending a lot of time in Clear Lake.


  1. CJ

    I think it’s REPREHENSIBLE the way NASA has continued to manipulate the media to make us feel sorry for Lisa Maire Nowak, the evil (not crazy) astronaut who assaulted and fully intended to murder Captain Colleen Shipman. I think it’s a travesty to blame it on mental illness. That’s just plain insulting to people with real mental illnesses. Nowak knew EXACTLY what she was doing. In fact, her stupid look in her mug shot is probably a result of her sheer shock that her brilliant, well-planned, attempted murder plot failed. I believe she should stand trial for attempted murder. I just hope Florida prosecutors are able to get access to any and all computers she would have access to without being stonewalled by NASA! Don’t get me wrong, I fully support the space program but this woman is evil and NASA should distance themselves from her completely.


    PS Cudos to Orlando Police Department.

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