A recent visitor to Blogs of War (and the path the visitor followed to get here) serves as yet another reminder of the threat from within:

Search Engine google.co.uk
Search Words how can i train myself for jihad?
IP Address 62.3.65.# (Zen Internet)
Continent : Europe
Country : United Kingdom
State/Region : Rochdale


  1. Herschel Smith

    Very interesting John. I use Google Analytics for this type of information. It can be instructive and educational. You can learn what pages and posts are being visited, how long the visitor stays, what network domain is being used, city, network location, search words that brought them there, etc.

    I have found that IP addresses are not always meaningful, since they are sometimes dynamically allocated.

    Having said that, it sure would be good somehow to hone in on this guy and watch him. One day he may be blowing up a subway in London. I would like to know a little more about exactly how you mined this information. I’ll send a note.

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