John Kerry shares his honest disdain for our country. I guess he feels liberated by the realization that he’ll never be able to run for the presidency.


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  2. mullah cimoc

    Mullah Cimoc say re: pathetic turnout for d.c. anti war march/hen clutch.

    Why such a small turnout in the face of the large number of atrocities?

    Answer: The official antiwar movement is a fake movement controlled by democrat operatives. How else does one explain the absence of any reference to the neocons or the israeli spies who run the bush regime. The iraq war issue, with media collusion, is just a vehicle for power crazed democrats. Example: Chucky Schummer could care less if every iraki is slaughtered. He just wants power. (Hey: I admit he deserves praise for not boning the male interns, but he is still a little bitch, though he can bark and will also bite.)

    The real antiwar movement lies hidden, yet to surface, carefully repressed by the intelligence agencies running the country, media operations included. When amerika does wake up perhaps justice will prevail and fakers like Chucky are given a gitmo enema.

    For a real education pay strict attention to:

    1. Revelations regarding “agents” (national media operatives/reporters) spilling out of the Libby spy trial. Ira Leibowitz, hah hah.

  3. Doubting Thomas

    It is too bad that the rest of the world sees us that way. He is absolutely correct that the perception of most countries in the world is that the USA is the biggest terrorist nattion because we think force will solve all our problems. In the next decade China will change that perception as they buy and sell us.

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