Chuck Hagel’s arrogance and willingness to compromise America’s troops and national security in his pursuit of personal power is stunning:

He said one possibility is forming a presidential exploratory committee and — despite his outcast position within his party — seeking the Republican nomination. Or he may seek a third Senate term. Then again, he might take a more creative path.

Hagel joked during the interview about teaming up with New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, a moderate Republican, and also floated the possibility of joining a bipartisan unity ticket with a Democrat — with his name first, of course.

Hagel clearly admires Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and calls him “a star,” but he doubts the two could ever team up given the vast difference in their parties’ principles. “I don’t know if it gets to that point, but there is a shift going on out there, and there’s nothing like a war that does that,” Hagel said.

Our political class is as superficial and self-serving as ever and yet this man manages to stand out. He is the worst of the worst.

Riehl World View: He could get “star” Obama to break ranks with the Dems and run as his VP, or maybe recruit NYC Mayor Bloomberg to form a new party. Call it the Anti-Party – Anti-food, Anti-war, Anti-smoking, Anti-gun! It could be the first political party that isn’t for anything at all except themselves. At least Dems have the socialism thing going for them as a cause. Unfortunately for Hagel, even Bloomberg supports the war.

Blue Crab Boulevard: I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but my contempt for the man just increased. One hopes the people of Nebraska throw this guy out of the office he now holds.

RedState: Make love, not war, maaaan. Truth to power.

Hotline On Call: In Shailagh Murray’s front-page Washington Post profile of Chuck Hagel today, the Nebraska senator mentions the possibility that he’ll join a “unity ticket” with a Democratic running mate. Murray doesn’t say so, but Hagel isn’t just musing–he has a specific outfit in mind. That outfit is Unity08, an internet-based third-party recently founded by veterans of the Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford administrations that’s designed to bring about the kind of bipartisanship that continues to elude Washington.

Wonkette: Chuck Hagel — supporter of the flag-burning amendment, committed foe of abortion, rated 100% by the Christian Coalition, is found “appealing” by “even die-hard liberals,” according to the Washington Post!

Carol Platt Liebau: If the senators want to “take a stand,” let them stand behind some action. Let them propose an action plan for victory, or defund the war. Otherwise, in this craven and poisonous political environment, the only really courageous non-binding resolution would be the one that calls for victory — and nothing but.

Decision ’08: Hagel has slightly better odds than my beagle, but only slightly…

7.62mm Justice: I wouldn’t piss on this asshole if he was on fire.


  1. mw

    Republicans better hope that Chuck Hagel runs for president and gets some traction in the party. The Republican right is now so out of step with the majority of Americans over the War in Iraq, that I cannot see how Republicans can nominate an electable candidate. Fortunately this ragged right is becoming marginalized (although over-represented in the blogosphere)and is now a small minority of the Republican party and and even smaller minority of American opinion overall.

    Chuck is prominently featured in my most recent YouTube effort “It’s the war, stupid.” and recent blog post of the same name.

    Chuck Hagel is a rock solid conservative in the Goldwater tradition. He is more conservative than McCain, Giuliani, Romney, and certainly more conservative than Bush. He has been on the right side of this war since 2002 and that makes him the only electable Republican in the field. It’ll be too bad if he can’t make it through the gauntlet of Republicans who have redefined being a Republican with a single litmus test of blind support of the President’s policies on Iraq. You don’t have to be a fiscal conservative to get their support. You don’t have to be a social conservative to get their support. You just have to put on your blinders and march lockstep on a flawed war strategy. If Republicans like these carry the day, it will be the end of the Republican Party as a relevant political force for a generation.

  2. Kimett N Geist

    Chuck Hagel is clearly demonstrating his ignoroance and arrogance in siding with the liberal party of Democrat bafoons. He shows himself to be a coward and encourager of the enemy of our country. May God have mercy on us if such non-men as Chuck Hagel even think that they deserve to make a run for the Presedency of the United States of America. Our enemy is laughing their guts out at weaklngs like Chuck Hagel. I hope that other republicans that truly believe in supporting our troops will stand for what is right than what is convenient and pragmatic.

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