It’s fairly graphic and redundant at this point but given the historical significance worth posting.


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  2. Alireza

    Sorry dude, but I don’t agree with you.

    I think Iraqi people are still suffering from the ignorance of a dictator and his cruel party.

    Do not forget that for hundreds of years Shiite and Sunni people have been living together with no fight. Persians and Iraqis have had a very good relationship and lots of families from both countries were married each other with no concern about the border lines.
    But, what is the consequence of Saddam’s rein? More than one million people were dead because of the Iran-Iraq war, thousands of innocent people are suffering from chemical weapons that he used, lots of families have been devastated, the economies of Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait have been ruined…

    No one is happy to see a dead body, but this could remind us to become reunited and love each other in order to make a better future for the whole Middle East region in which no fight and hatred shall exist.

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