According to one Democrat anyway. His decision is expected this week:

If Hawaii-born Sen. Barack Obama decides to seek the Democratic Party nomination for president, he will likely make the announcement soon on the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” according to U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawai’i.

He said Obama had indicated during an earlier appearance with Winfrey that he would announce his candidacy on the program if he decides to run in 2008.

“If that takes place, it will be the most-watched daytime television show in American history,” said Abercrombie, who held a press conference yesterday with a small group of other Hawaii-based Obama supporters to urge that he join the race.

Supporters rallied for him in Hawaii but he didn’t attend:

They have been joined by at least one prominent Republican, former state Sen. Bob Hogue, who lost his bid for Congress this year to Mazie Hirono.

“I think that we have to go beyond party at this point — we just have to talk about leadership,” Hogue said. “I realize that platforms will unfold and there is a possibility that as the platforms unfold I may end up ultimately voting for a Republican.

“I’m very intrigued about Barack Obama. I think the country needs a leader who can bridge the gap between the different ideologies.”

People seem inclined to think that Obama is somehow moderate. He’s likeable which is usually interpreted as politically moderate in the minds of casual observers and the uninformed. But his voting record shows no hint of moderation. I don’t see how one can expect Obama to bridge any gaps – unless you’re willing to disregard his track record and buy the spin.


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